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Angela Eagle has put herself forward to challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership. Owen Smith MP has also launched a leadership campaign. It follows a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn in which nearly 80% of Labour MPs voted against the current leader.

Despite Angela Eagle and Owen Smith putting themselves forward, Smith believes that there can only be one 'unity' candidate to face Corbyn when the vote goes to members.  It is thought that Smith has the backing of more MPs. There have been reports that Eagle will stand down tomorrow - though this is not confirmed. Update: Angela Eagle has ended her leadership bid.

Labour MPs will have to nominate the candidates for them to appear on the ballot.  Earlier this week the Labour NEC decided that Jeremy Corbyn will be automatically on the ballot and does not need the support of MPs.

Labour members who joined before 12 January will be automatically able to vote.  You are also able to sign up as a registered supporter (the deadline is the 20th July).  However, unlike the previous election in which this cost just £3, becoming a registered supporter costs £25.  This has been citicised by current leader Jeremy Corbyn as being excessively high.


  • 20 July - Deadline for becoming a registered supporter (17:00)
  • 22 August - Ballot Papers sent out to members and registered supporters
  • 21 September - Deadline for ballot papers to be returned
  • 24 September - Results announced at a conference

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