Theresa May: Britain's answer to Brexit

By: Ali Fazel, Liberal Conservative. Twitter: @AliFazel12

Following last week’s referendum result, we've witnessed nothing but chaos, exposed liars (cough-vote leave's £350m NHS funding post Brexit- cough), and a very messy Westminster. The only way we move forward from here, is to reunite, rethink, and re-strategise.

Britain is strong. We are... (Well, were.) the 5th largest economy in the world, with higher employment rates than ever before, and record breaking numbers of people at work, we've managed to cut the deficit from 11% of public spending to just 3%. These are achievements under a strong, and steady, one nation Conservative government. But all of this is that risk, Westminster is a shambles, and as much as I would have liked to see poor old Corbyn remain as leader of the opposition and never get elected, it's not fair on our country; it's unhealthy. We need a strong opposition that represents its members. However, more importantly we need an ambitious and cunning Prime Minister prepared for the hurdles ahead. Ready to answer to Brexiteers, ready to fight for Britain in Brussels, and most of all ready to unify the Tories once again- in other words anyone but Boris.

We need to Theresa May, the daughter of a local vicar, the granddaughter of a regimental Sergeant major, in her very own words: 'public service has been part of who I am for as long as I can remember'. A no nonsense politician- experienced, strong, and blunt. I think Theresa May is ready to negotiate for Britain, with a clear vision as to how she plans to do that. Her subtle approach to campaigning for remaining in the European Union has proven beneficial, she is backed by both Remainer's and Brexiteer's, including leader of the House of Commons Chris Grayling, and other senior cabinet ministers.

However what we forget is that we're not just looking for a negotiator, although this is a major role for the next Prime Minister, we are looking for a Prime Minister who understands our people. May has shown concern; she wants to fight against the injustice's that are prevalent in our society today. The Home Secretary knows that our country needs 'serious social reform'; we need a country that 'truly works for everyone'. In her first speech as a candidate she recognised that 'if you're born poor, you will die on average 9 years earlier than others' and that our criminal justice system is biased, amongst other issues.

The Conservatives may have fixed our economy, and sorted out our spending, but Theresa May knows that work is still to be done. Her track record shows that she has delivered, she is delivering, and she shall continue to deliver for the British people.

I think we've all seen what the Justice Secretary is capable off. Despite his repeated confessions of his inability to be a successful prime minister, he called in to confirm his candidacy just two hours before the deadline  to be the Conservative leader and the next prime minister, or in other words stabbing a friend right through the back, I know it's Boris, but still...

We don't want a traitor, suddenly hungry for power in No. 10, and we don't want a man afraid of defeat leading our country. We want a leader, and that leader is Theresa May, the Home Secretary of Great Britain.
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  1. Amazing Article! Wish everyone had the same Mindset as you!


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