Voting for or considering Trump?

By: Rene Dansereau, Student Voices writer

Consider his economic policies and how your anger for the establishment is directed.
Let's REALLY look at his policies, how he plans to get things done and why you should be angry.

First and foremost, here is my purpose;  I am a Canadian father and I do not want to leave our children with any more problems than we already have.


It is my understanding Americans angry with the establishment support either Donald J Trump (DT) or Bernie Sanders if anger is your only motivation you may want to skip to Section 4

Otherwise, let's jump right in to the economic policies:

Section 1

DT would like to lower taxes and simplify the tax code.

            Lower personal taxes sounds good but this likely will not translate into more disposable income   for you.
-        Why?  Because his Chinese trade policy will very likely result in a spike in interest rates, so you will need the extra cash to pay your creditors

            Simplify the tax code.
-        I agree but why are peoples' contributions to society different?  A flat tax on types of income
                  is ideal

            Exclude childcare expenses from taxation
-        poorly worded, but his position is clarified at the bottom of this page and yes this is a good idea      hey wait a minute!!!    this is a socialist idea!

            Reduce Corporate taxes
-        Why not have corporations pay the same tax rate as all individuals, then use tariffs to ensure that foreign corporations effectively pay the same rate?
                  Let the markets decide which corporations survive.  What do you say Donald?

Section 2

DT claims that “Excessive regulation is costing our country as much as 2 trillion dollars a year, and we will end it.”  Let's assume that this is true.

            Despite the related dangers, he wants to dispose of regulation that has eliminated tens of
            thousands of coal related jobs along with a lot of the world due to the rising cost of energy
-        the idea that the coal is the cheapest form of energy is no longer true, solar power is now the cheapest form of energy making those coal related regulations as redundant as coal itself.
                  Still want coal or any fossil fuel energy for that matter?
                  Are we building the future?  Or supporting the old establishment?

Section 3

Mr. Trump's policies on the TPP,  NAFTA and the Chinese trade arrangement.

            Withdraw from the TPP
-        Agreed, allowing a small number of people to dictate terms to the majority is a bad idea. Check out the opinion of Nobel Prize Winning economist Joseph Stiglitz

            ”I am going tell our NAFTA partners that I intend to immediately renegotiate the terms of            that agreement to get a better deal for our workers. If we don’t get the deal we want, we will   walk away.” DT
-        Some Canadians are not happy with NAFTA either. Why would Canadians and/or Mexicans would want to renegotiate? 
                  He is going to walk away?  What will that accomplish?

            DT would like to renegotiate the Chinese trade arrangement after calling them names (currency             manipulator).
-        How do people usually react to you when you try to initiate an interaction or conversation with a negative posture?

            Expanding on his Chinese policy, let's assume that the bond market will not react negatively             allowing interest rates will remain low, manufacturing facilities are repatriated and all is well.      How long will that take?  Who is going to build those factories? Who will be really benefiting?             Does it make good business sense to employ humans or robots?

            “We can use the new money to rebuild our roads, bridges and airports.” DT
-        It is not new money, it is specifically future tax payer's money.  Yes, construction of all types is a good idea and even better when a large proportion of every dollar ends up in worker's pockets.

            “Manufacturing is also a matter of national security. We need to build, produce and create right    here in America.” DT
-        Perhaps, but this would only be a problem if your trade partners no longer want trade.

Section 4

ANGRY with the establishment?

Why would a 70 year old billionaire want to be president?  He can get anything he wants.  If he is truly interested in helping poor Americans, what percentage of his wealth is he donating to causes that help the poor?  Despite his misguided policies he may genuinely believe that he can help America.  The largest clue to his motivation his actions (in this case where he puts his money nicely organized in his tax return) which he has yet to provide to the public.

Let's assume for the moment that he wants to stand up to the establishment and provide greater opportunity for the poor and middle class.  If his trade and economic policies were able to accomplish everything he claims he wants, how will this disturb the establishment?
Will he REALLY make a difference or is he just saying what he thinks you NEED to hear?

Let's summarize his policies, asking the question “will this policy disturb the establishment?”

  1. Decrease taxes                        Answer: No
  2. Simplify the tax code                          Answer: Yes
  3. Childcare                                             Answer: currently No but we must wait for the details
  4. Reduce corporate taxes                       Answer: No
  5. Reduce government regulation           Answer: No
  6. Trade Reform                                      Answer: Unknown
  7. TPP                                                     Answer: No since it is not been adopted
  8. Energy reform                                     Answer: No

Getting back at the establishment

If you really want to change the establishment why don't you take advantage of America's amazing governing system:

1.       Vote out every Senator and Congressperson who accepts money from lobbyists.  As I understand it the 1995 Lobbying Disclosure Act requires all lobbyists to disclose their activities.  Take back the power of the establishment It is Rightfully Yours
2.      Start a website listing these people.
3.      Education!  Organize free education about corruption (lobbying) and it's effects, allowing the agendas of the few dictate to the majority  Never allow the minority to dictate to the majority again!
4.      Withdraw your support for Trump, if you cannot vote for Hillary there is no shame in not voting, our soldiers/ancestors fought and died so we could live free, not so that we could vote for one party or the other.

Make corruption a dirty word again by continually voting out representatives who accept bribes.

Section 5

DT says that he will get things done!

Mr. Trump is a very accomplished man and I have no doubt that he will “get things done”.  The US government in particular has many checks and balances for the protection of the people but for the past decade or more it has not been working well due to corruption and partisan politics.  If getting legislation through the houses is time consuming at the best of times, why will the houses move faster for DT?  Is there another way to enact legislation, if so, what does that look like?

There is no doubt in my mind that DT loves America, does many good things for America (such as paying women equally) and is convinced that he is doing the right thing; however, his combative methods echo qualities of leaders throughout history that should never resurface and should have no place in humanity's future.

I understand many of you feel cornered and are desperate to provide for yourself and/or your family, an easy answer for me would have been to encourage you to vote for Bernie Sanders since he was the only candidate whose love for people was obvious.  Fortunately both existing candidates have pledged to heavily invest in infrastructure which should provide some immediate relief and provide time to create and educate the workforce of the future.


Don't give in to fear.  Enough is enough, politicians around the world have been beating the Fear drum ever since 9/11 and society only gets progressively worse.

Use the existence of nuclear weapons to everyone's advantage, decrease the size of the US military and work with the rest of the world to eliminate terrorism.  America can be great again, be the positive force in the world that you once were. The 21st century can be one of the most exciting periods of our society.  Tear down the boundaries in your mind! Reject fear!  Reject hate!  Be the captain of the team Humanity!  Cooperation! Communication! Compassion!  These are the qualities' of our future.

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