Gibraltar is Being Abused as a Bargaining Tool – where are Nick Clegg and the Remain Camp now? | Jimmy Allen

In the days since Theresa May pressed the button and activated Article 50, the Remain camp has been embarrassingly attempting to pull apart the wording of the letter, what was said, what wasn't, condemning the use of 'security' as a "threat" to the nth degree etc. 

We've recently had Nick Clegg, Alex Salmond and Keir Starmer frothing at the mouth on a recent BBC Question Time Brexit Special accusing the Conservatives of pursuing a 'Hard Brexit' and attacking the manner and approach the government has allegedly adopted in preparation for negotiations. 

I have no issues with the Remain camp continuing to be vocal whilst holding the government to account. However, I do have a problem with a lack of constructive criticism from Clegg et al. We are regularly listening to accusations of Hard Brexit without actually substantiating what this actually consists of. So far, all the government has done has set out very rough aims as to what it hopes to achieve out of any deal with the EU. The Remainers are currently being allowed to get away with this rhetorical narrative in the media without being held to account themselves. 

Not once have we heard a single positive sound bite from Nick Clegg contributing to a much needed consensus that should help shape our departure from the EU. Instead, our friend Cleggy has developed a nasty habit of mudslinging as he continues to meander through his political career trying to make his party and himself relevant. 

The self confessed Europhile Ian Hislop, appearing on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, flapped his gums about the flawed analogy that if the party that one votes for does not win an election; you don't simply shut up shop and keep quiet. He says it should be the same with the Remain camp. I agree, but the strategy Remainers pursue is to throw out the result and start again. I'm sorry Ian that is not the same. That would be more akin to Lenin refusing to acknowledge the results of the 1917 general election and following it up with all out revolution. 

So soon after May has been derided for using security as a threat and EU citizens as a bargaining chip, the EU has resorted to dirty tactics of their own. In essence, the EU has given the Spanish a veto on any potential deal that doesn't satisfy their appetite for Gibraltar's sovereignty. 

Which brings us to the very valid question - where is the condemnation from Clegg, Starmer, Heseltine, Salmond etc towards the EU in a quite blatant attempt of political blackmail?? 

Why are they willing to only use condemnation as an opportunistic tactic to better their own political fortunes rather than in the best interests of the United Kingdom?

Why is the Left and the Remain camp not up in arms about this appalling diplomatic behaviour? 

I work for a Gibraltarian company and very much sympathise with virtually its whole population that has voted a number of times for their wish to remain British. Most people will be unaware that Spain has its very own enclave, similar to Gibraltar that sits right across the Straits called Ceuta attached to the end of Morocco. 

So, Clegg my friend, you cannot have it both ways. You cannot berate our prime minister and then turn a blind eye to our European colleagues when they similarly flout moral diplomacy according to your own standards. 

Stand up, create a consensus that the wider public can believe it and contribute towards Britain's exit from the EU. 

Jimmy Allen is a writer for Student Voices. 
Gibraltar is Being Abused as a Bargaining Tool – where are Nick Clegg and the Remain Camp now? | Jimmy Allen Gibraltar is Being Abused as a Bargaining Tool – where are Nick Clegg and the Remain Camp now? | Jimmy Allen Reviewed by Student Voices on 11:33 Rating: 5

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