New Antisemitism Row hits First Day of NUS Conference

Today the Independent has claimed to have seen fresh evidence of candidates for top positions posting insulting, antisemetic remarks online. Incumbent president Malia Bouattia, who is seeking re-election, has been accused of antisemitism throughout her first year as president.  In the past year, she has been found guilty of making antisemetic remarks by a cross-party group of MPs and by an internal NUS report. MPs described her words as 'outright racist'.

Other candidate have also been involved in controversy.  Candidate for VP for Union Development, Ali Milani, has also been accused of antisemetism.  He described somebody as a "pound shop Jew", and made violent threats to supporters of Israel, writing "Is a punch in the throat justified"?


NEC candidate Sean O'Neill is another accused of antisemetism.  In 2012, he used the hashtag on Twitter: "fuckslutskilljews" (Fuck Sluts Kill Jews) alongside the hashtag "heilhitler" (Heil Hitler).


Earlier this year we also reported on the current NUS LGBT+ Officer Noorulann Shahid, who deleted tweets amid claims they are antisemetic (below).  Presidential candidate, Tom Harwood, described them as a "Taliban apologist" for their remarks.

All of the candidates have since apologised for their remarks.

A spokesman for the UJS (Union of Jewish Studentts) said they were "appalled by these absolutely disgraceful comments" and called for the candidates involved to step down. Josh Nagli said:

“These comments should not be seen in isolation; they are reflective of a wider culture of wilful tolerance towards anti-Semitism from members of the far left of the student movement that has been present for a number of years.”

 “A year on from her election, Jewish students are still waiting for an adequate apology from the current NUS President. From her and from others in the movement, there is complete disdain shown towards anti-Semitism, with many questioning its very existence on campus and in society, undermining Jewish students’ right to define what they deem anti-Semitic.”
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