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The 2017 general election campaign was stacked with all the volatility, tragedy, and scandal a Netflix TV-show demands. The only certainty from the result on June 8th will be political casualties, cabinet and junior ministers thrown out of front line politics, destined for the backbenches, NGO’s, and Think Tanks. In 2015, it was Ed Millband, check out my picks for the 2017 political scrapheap.

Tim Farron 

The Lib Dem leader ran a fairly decent campaign, with strong performances in several televised debates. Farron also presented a clear and strong alternative to Theresa May’s hard Brexit, pledging to keep Britain in the single customs market, as well as promising a second vote on the final deal. However, Farron is an unimpressive leader, his less than engaging personality leaves much to be desired, and his inability to distance himself from religion, and slip-ups around LGBQT rights leaves Farron as essentially electoral asbestos.

Phillip Hammond 

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Side-lined for the entire campaign Phillip Hammond has barely shown his face, holding only two press conferences, and uncharacteristically for a chancellor, not participating in a single debate. Theresa May probably sees him as a damaged goods after the huge autumn budget muck-up. His replacement Amber Rudd, May’s favourite of the gang is virtually picking out the colour scheme for her new office in number eleven. I give him till the end of next week.

Diane Abbott

Cambridge graduate, MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington for over thirty years and Britain’s first Black women to hold a seat in Parliament. Diane Abbott’s CV is dignified, though her treatment throughout this election would not tell you as much. She has been under constant attack from the right-wing press, as well as direct campaigns against her from the Conservative party. Yes, she has had some pretty poor showings this campaign, but one cannot help to assume this onslaught is racially motivated. Formerly one of Corbyn’s biggest allies Abbott was ousted as Shadow Home Secretary in the dying moments of campaigning, after this election I can’t see Diane wanting to return to front line politics.

Theresa May 

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If the final polls are correct Theresa May is set to return to Downing Street with a rather substantial majority, but this won’t save her from the chop. Coming into this election the Conservatives were odds on favourites and miles ahead in every poll imaginable. A Tory win was not in question, but countless mistakes from Theresa May such as social care, refusing to appear in debates and her failure to seem remotely human-ish allowed Labour to claw their way back into the fight. If a slightly viable alternative to Theresa May existed she would have lost this election, a gamble the Conservative party will not take again. This will be her last general election.

Zac Ntim is a journalism student and writer for Student Voices.
Twitter: @ZacharyNtim
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