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Unless you are native to London, you are probably unfamiliar with the postcode politics rife throughout the city. Kensington is among the hardest stricken, the borough is essentially split in two. Great white Victorian homes, occupied by billionaires sit on unblemished street corners hugged by vintage Aston Martins. Next door some of the country’s poorest families reside in council high-rises like Grenfell.

Theresa May has rightfully called for a public inquiry into the devastating national tragedy at Grenfell, and when this inquiry uncovers what I am certain is negligence on the part of local and national government, change must be swift or the seeds of revolt which have been sown will explode, in the face of Theresa May (if she’s still in No. 10).

Journalists lined the streets of West London all week, speaking to residents and activists. Their shock and sorrow quickly turned to anger as reports of pleas from Grenfell residents were uncovered. Residents suspected their homes were not safe many months ago and even warned of such a tragedy happening before their pleas were heard. Treatment such as this, is indicative of boroughs across this city. They treat their lower income occupants as a dirty secret they wish to hide.

Families are packed into ill-equipped housing, where schools are poorly funded, community centres are shut down and basic necessities such as bin collection are withheld, while funds are ploughed into ridiculously pointless vanity projects in the name of gentrification, to ultimately push out low-income families.

The safety and wellbeing of the poorest in London, is lowest on the list of priorities for local government. Contrary to popular belief, this attitude did not suddenly appear under seven years of tory rule. Jeremy Corbyn’s own constituency is one of the most gentrified areas in London, however, the conservatives are particularly obsessed with this plastic regenerations of London.
As Londoners always do, in tragedy, we came together.

Donations poured into North Kensington, in the absence of local government, volunteers from all around the capital took charge of the operation. As the focus rightfully shifts to re-housing Grenfell survivors and finding the victims so their families can lay them to rest, we must continue to apply pressure to the government, this inquiry must be transparent and efficient, we need answers and we need change.

Zac Ntim is a journalism student and writer for Student Voices.
Twitter: @ZacharyNtim
Grenfell Tower: 'In Tragedy, We Came Together' | Zac Ntim Grenfell Tower: 'In Tragedy, We Came Together' | Zac Ntim Reviewed by Student Voices on 14:27 Rating: 5

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