The 2017 Election can be a Springboard for Corbyn's Labour Party | Aidan Semple

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Prime-Minister Theresa May called the 2017 Snap General Election to strengthen her majority and 'crush the saboteurs' as put by the Daily Mail. The Tories had a huge lead in the polls and in popularity ratings, with more than a 20 point gap between the Conservatives and the divided, infighting Labour Party. However, many of the journalists, analysts and experts were caught completely off guard by the end result - a hung parliament and an impressive revival for Labour under socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour's campaign was fought very well, and the surprising election results have led to increased faith and belief in Corbyn's leadership, ideology and vision for Britain under a Labour Government. Even many of the Blairites in the party, after consistently opposing Corbyn's leadership, seem to be getting on board with what has turned out to be a vision growing in popularity among the British electorate. With the Tories losing their majority, increased restlessness among members in the cabinet, a controversial deal with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party and pivotal Brexit negotiations commencing on Monday, May's government are without a clear mandate and may face major complications. Labour can take advantage of this in the next General Election, whenever it may be.

New Labour, the Labour Party under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, which encouraged neoliberalism, market economics and a growing financial sector in the UK through an increasingly deregulated economy. This ideology in the Labour Party seems to be in major decline. One of Corbyn's key campaign ideas was to raise corporation tax to 26% over the course of the parliament, a rate that is lower than what it was in 2010, showing a clear alternative economic ideology. This would raise £19billion, which will be invested into essential public services that have suffered under austerity measures implemented by the previous two Tory governments. Additionally, cracking down on tax avoidance schemes and increased taxation on the top 5% of earners seem to be legitimate possibilities and potential successes.

The wealthiest in British society contributing a little more will help raise £37billion of desperately needed investment into our NHS, schools and social care – this promise has been extremely popular. The abolition of tuition fees and the wiping of student debt, the return of the Education Maintenance Allowance and Winter Fuel Allowances for the old and vulnerable, and the construction of one million new homes in order to help solve a housing crisis spiralling out of control are some of the additional policies and manifesto pledges set out by this new left wing Labour Party.

What's clear is that these ideas will help millions more people in Britain in many ways. The ideas in Labour's 2017 Election Manifesto, if revised and broadened further in future elections, can be a benchmark for political change. 'For the Many, Not the Few', was the motto used. It’s evident that many people did find a lot of the ideas enormously appealing. For once there is a clear alternative that can provide radical change for the better.

This surprising election can show not only that there's a growing appetite for socialism in Britain amongst the electorate, but that Labour can represent so many people in our society, in what seems to be a return to traditional left vs right parliamentary politics. Labour's radical left wing vision, as set out in their manifesto, has proved popular amongst many groups. Providing a fully costed and therefore legitimate challenge to austerity, with policies growing in popularity amongst the older generations, as well as with the increasingly politically engaged young people in Britain - as demonstrated by the 57% voting turnout for 18-24 year olds - have  been of great significance.

Corbyn's Labour Party have momentum behind them. If there is to be another General Election in the near future, the Party may just mount a significant challenge and potentially win the election. With Theresa May's Election gamble backfiring, a clear alternative in Labour going into government is becoming increasingly likely should the opportunity arise.

By Aiden Semple | @LWOSAidan
The 2017 Election can be a Springboard for Corbyn's Labour Party | Aidan Semple The 2017 Election can be a Springboard for Corbyn's Labour Party | Aidan Semple Reviewed by Unknown on 10:55 Rating: 5

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