Talkspace: Therapy For The Texting Generation

Talkspace is a therapy app developed and based in New York City. It allows people to text, video chat, and even picture message with a therapist. It may be hard to conceive, but picture messaging is a popular way to interact and express your feelings. According to the therapists at Talkspace, this method is a way to keep the communication between patient and therapist fun. It also allows the patient to be creative, and for those who cannot always find the right words to express themselves, they can send a picture. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Even though picture messaging may seem to be poking fun a therapy, it is not so. They take their clients problems very seriously, and they understand that things like anxiety can come from many avenues. For example the issue with dealing with difficult people. We have all been there. A therapist at Talkspace offers some sound advice for handling those people. The advice includes not taking these people personally, share only what you want to share to prevent criticism, remember to take of yourself and keep the conversation from being about you. Remembering to follow this rules will help you from getting pulled into the world of a difficult person.

For the generation that is tied to their phone, being able to text with a therapist just seems natural. There have been many studies done regarding the number of young people who have mental health problems. However, physically going to see someone is not always feasible, sending a text message is second nature.

The therapists at Talkspace are trained and ready to help. The process is simple. Clients are paired with a personal therapist, and then the journey begins with a simple text.

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