Why students are not motivated to study

Getting close to classes or exams, and you feel no motivation to study?
You might be able to find some answers here.

Typically, when students get into school i.e. college, the university, they would be expected to study to pass the courses they would be taking. Most often, this can be a challenge to carry out.

However, if you want to pass your courses – unless you’ve taken the lessons, maybe online, or you’ve had some home schooling, you are going to have to study.

So, here, we look at some reasons why you may not be motivated, and see if we can come up with something to push you.

Really? Do I have to study?
Yes, you do. There is absolutely no doubt about that.

Refer again to Line 5 above – unless you’ve been acquainted with all of your courses, then you’ll need to study to get good grades in them.

And with the resources available now – in your local library or the internet, you have lots of tools and resources that would support you.

For examples, if you write an essay, and you want to check for errors in your grammar, search for uk grammar check online. Lots and lots of resources to make your education fun and easy.

What am I studying for?
This might be one challenge that you face.

Because you are unable to see the connection between your current studies, and your career objectives, and all the salary, paychecks and bonuses you would want to earn, you don’t feel motivated to study your courses.

However, you would have to. Among other things that future employers are going to be checking for, one thing is how well you did on your courses.

Think about the cars, the houses, the trips abroad you would like to take, and other things you are interested in doing. Your courses and the grades you get are particularly linked to getting you these benefits.

Also, if you would want a startup, and you are going to seek venture capital to back you, investors are going to want to see that you have some skills and knowledge to back up the venture.

There are really lots of activities to do, and lots and lots of fun. What do I do?
This is probably the major challenge that students meet, especially new students.
You have been at home all this while, in the comfort of your parents, guardian or caregiver’s protection, deciding your routine. And then suddenly, you are thrust into a new scenario and environment, and you have to create an internal regulator. For example, how do you use your time?
While college offers you the opportunity to fully express yourself and take part in the different activities on offer, you are going to have to discipline yourself to focus on what matters – your GPA.
The activities and social events are fun, but your success in college is primarily going to be decided by your GPA.

Some of my courses are too hard
Without sugarcoating, you would have to know some simple truths: Some things are going to be hard.
There are some things that were relatively hard in the past (while learning how to walk, remember?), and some others, you are going to meet.

And you should know this: In our advancing world, before anything becomes a breakthrough, it is usually very hard (Note documentary: Particle Fever)

I have lots of things bothering me
This scenario could occur among some students. So you are definitely not alone.

However, that’s why your student counselor or the counseling office is there. You can be certain that you can get someone to share your fears. Not only would it make you feel lighter, at the end of the conversation, you could end up having a friend in your counselor, or with someone you are recommended to communicate with.

So, if you have difficulty getting to study, for this reason, or for any of the above reasons, do reach out to the counseling office of department of your school. They should be able to help you through.

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