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Article Guidelines:
  • Make sure that the article you submit to us is a final copy and ready for publication. 
  • Article should be around 500-800 words and must be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Articles should be on the following themes: Politics, social or current affairs issues.

Submission information:
  • Please send your article to: Editor@StudentVoices.co.uk 
  • The submission deadline is 31.03.2018
  • Include your first and second name
  • The main content of the article should be either attached as a word document or in the text of the email (please indicate this clearly)
  • Article submission 'Terms and Conditions' can be found here: http://www.studentvoices.co.uk/p/terms-and.html 
Advertisement Opportunity: 

  • Looking to target your advertisement towards students and young people? 
  • Student Voices is the best place to do it. 
  • Our website/social media stats mean that it your advertisement will be seen by a large audience: 21,000 regular users per month, 300,000 website impressions, 7,000 Twitter followers, 300 Facebook likes, 15,000 combined writer Twitter followers and 10,000 daily social media reach
  • Contact us at 'Editor@StudentVoices.co.uk' for more details

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