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The Blog Network is no longer updated.  This page has been left here for reference.

Our blog network is a group of blogs written by readers and contributors of Student Voices.  They have all been approved by us and are certainly worth a read!
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Challenging perspectives
A 17-year old sixth form student studying Economics, English literature, History and Politics. A socio-political blog; I write with the simple attitude of challenging the status quo through optimism and self-belief. I hope to provide an alternative and progressive insight into issues that many would otherwise see as the norm. Twitter: @jalbryson98

Voting Counts
The Voting Counts blog compliments the website in enabling young adults to contribute simple and unbiased guides to elections and current issues.

Views on Life and Politics, mainly Politics. Basically a place where I muse about the big stories, the little stories, and all the things in between. Currently running Musings on Europe and Musings on America as my two big focuses. I also host Guest Musings (if you are interested in submitting something, please email Twitter: @matcow7
Ameliorate is an online magazine for UK teenagers, focusing on the political, the literary and contemporary activism. It is a left-leaning blog, and takes a holistic approach to current issues with sections for pop culture and teenage issues as well.

Discourse and Discord,
I’m just a socialist ranting about things that are too long for twitter and that are too frequently boring my friends. I’m from Northern Ireland but now study Modern Languages at the University of Edinburgh and am a member of the Labour Party and Unite the Union.

Filibuster UK, 
Filibuster UK is a credible political platform providing a voice for young people who want to make a difference. Find us on Twitter and Facebook at /FilibusterUK

Politics, Blogged, Biased (sort of) - follow me on Twitter @lewis_pull

English Literature and History student at the University of Edinburgh. Writing about feminism, love and popular culture. @issyymcc
"Challenging agendas"

The Scotch
Young Londoner unplugs from the corporate Matrix to return to Higher Education and be a writer south of the Highlands in Edinburgh.
Join me as I rollick around in Scotland, writing and living the Scottish Dream (not sure what that is but it surely involves haggis and lots of tartan). I give irreverent talk on culture, travel and languages… oh, and now that I’m back to being a student again (yahooooo! That’s the real dream), student life.

I blab on about any global issue which I think is important or relevant. Quite left wing. Twitter: @yesitsvicky

Politics and
I’m Georgie, I’m 19 years old and from Manchester, England. I’m a student at the University of Edinburgh and a big fan of feminism, societal equality, Diet Coke and Manchester United. I decided to start this blog to properly articulate the thoughts which I often may rant to my friends (or those who agree to listen).

22 year old fashion, make up, lifestyle blogger from Ireland.
I'm a 30-something year old doctor living in London and living with bipolar disorder.  Education, erasing stigma and motivation are my goals.

The Political
The Political Critique is a blog that was set up by two politics students as a place to voice opinions on a wide range of topics including current affairs, feminism, and LGBT rights.

The Great and the
The Great and the Good is a British politics, philosophy and economics blog written by six left wing young people. We focus on a wide variety of mostly politics topics. We're on twitter at
The Misanthropope is a blog about sex and gender, politics, mental health, socialism and me. I try to weave together critical articles with personal stories, as I believe that experiences matter and should be retold. My current project is narrating my own experience of a mental health breakdown.

The House of Commoners,
Politics posts from different areas of the spectrum. The idea is to encourage young people to talk about politics without being under the impression that there is only one correct political opinion for young people.

Next Ballot Box,
Set this up to get young people interested in politics. I interview politicians. You can tweet me @johnreyno42

Unsuccessfully Cliche,
A mixture of fashion updates, art, information and inspiration for anyone!

Twenty First Century History,
A politics blog from an undergraduate history student. Looking at how the national and international affairs of today will be tomorrow's history. Twitter @Joseph_Saunders

Politics and comment. 

Political Target UK,
Blogging on UK political matters, news and current affairs 

A digital platform to redefine youth political engagement. Non-partisan content in various mediums coming soon.

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