Who Young Conservatives are Backing in the Tory Leadership Election

Our research seems to be in line with what professional polls are saying; it's a two-horse race between current Home Secretary Theresa May and current Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom.  In fact, our poll puts Leadsom ahead on 52.6% and May behind on 42.1%.  Michael Gove is on 5.3%.  Are you a young Conservative? Tell us who you're supporting and why >

We asked young Conservative members and supporters why they are backing their favoured candidate - here are the responses:

In support of Theresa May

Michael Williams, 17, Conservative Party Member
“Theresa May has a proven track record of steady competence and resilient reliability. She is the woman whom I think has what it takes to lead the country through these times of political uncertainty and instability. Her no nose as approach to work is exactly what I admire most in a potential leader and the fact she hasn't only remained in the Home Office (one of, if not the toughest a governmental departments) for the longest period in over a century, BUT she has thrived there.”

Robert Fells, 19, Conservative Party Member
“Having voted remain in the In/Out referendum, I would prefer a remain candidate as PM. I feel May has the experience and the authority to make a strong PM. She has strong standing within the party and personally I feel she stands out in a crowd of sub-par candidates.”

Ibikunle Farajimakin, Conservative Party Member
Theresa May has the maturity and discipline to make a successful negotiation for Britain in light of the misguided and wrong approach used by Nigel Farage in his speech on the term of the European Union. In making a successful point in a crucial discussion about our future and future of the European Union one needs to respect the other members of the European Union. Her discussion with the European Union may open the door to loose federation agreement and restriction of free movement within the European bloc and meaningful border control within the European Union. Hence our rectified referendum can be set aside.”

In support of Andrea Leadsom

Jack Hadfield, 19, Conservative Party Member
“Leadsom is clearly the best candidate to take Britain out of the European Union. It was always known that she would support Leave, unlike Gove or Johnson. She put forward an incredibly positive case for leaving the EU, and with her experience working with the Bank of England, she clearly has the financial expertise to handle the repercussions of the exit as well. The fact that she is relatively unknown is not a drawback, but a bonus, as the British public has no negative perceptions of her. She is the fresh start that this country needs.”

Brandon Henderson, 16, Conservative Party Member
“She is the best candidate to deliver on the democratic mandate set by the British people last Thursday. Not only is she credible, but likeable across a wide range of voter bases that are not just wholly Tory - she has gained support from the core labour and lib dem vote. She has the experience judging by her background in financial services and most importantly the conviction to lead Britain into a prosperous new era, and a fresh start for all of us. A fresh face is needed for the Conservative Party - that is why I back Andrea Leadsom for leader and Prime Minister.”

Gregg, 25, Conservative Party Member
“Andrea is authentic, has had a really successful financial career in the city and will be a hard-headed negotiator in Brussels. Only she can achieve the best possible deal for Britain and only Andrea will stop the vanity project that is HS2.”

In support of Michael Gove

Daniel J Devane, 19, Conservative Party Member
“Michael Gove is a strong leader who strongly believes in Brexit. Leadsom is not strong enough, and if a Remainer such as May wins, Cameron may as well of stayed on! I believe Gove would be good for our party and our country. I look forward to campaigning and working with him!”

Conservative Leadership Election
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