Why young people must enter into politics

The first time I had a proper conversation about politics was back in 2013. I was a 13 year old student debating with my rather intellectual Geography teacher of who would win the European Elections. In all honesty at that time I had no knowledge in politics, I admit with huge embarrassment that my argument was that the liberal democrats would win the European Elections. My geography teacher gave me an excellent foundation in politics; in fact much of what I have achieved today is to her credit. 

6 months after i first developed an interest in politics, I decided to join the Labour party. Having many left wing values myself, Labour was the only party in the political climate that had not only began with the socialist endeavour, but maintained its socialist endeavour through many of its leaders past and present. But what was even more central to my beliefs that the Labour party supported was that it was a party for the working people. It believed in tackling social inequality and social injustice and was the only party that had the right policies for young people. 

But many people ask me today, what made you interested in politics in the first place? Do you come from a political background? My interest in politics came first, when I saw that much of the civil service that happens in this country was under attack, the NHS which for so long had been there for both me and my family was on the brink of destruction. Unemployment was increasing and for the first time ever in history, my generation was predicted to do worse them the generation before us. The norm of society, where you’d expect your children to be given more opportunities to succeed in life then yourself was now past, and a future for my generation had now become a question mark.  

Broken promises and unfulfilled pre-election pledges, the last conservative and Liberal Democrat government has failed the British people. When they promised they would abolish tuition fees they tripled them. When they condemned A&E closures across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and promised extra funding but ended up closing as many as half of all A&E’s in some boroughs. When they promised that there would be no VAT rise, but ended up rising VAT from 17.5% to 20%. 

In the last 9 months I’ve campaigned day after day to ensure that Labour win the next general election. I’ve spoken to many people on the doorstep who are desperate for change, they’ve had enough of the extreme economic crisis Britain has fell into. Which is why I’m certain that in May Labour will win the General election.

I believe that me being in politics is a testament that a small minority of young people are engaged in politics. I believe that young people in politics are revolutionising the political system. Labour have launched their youth manifesto, an excellent manifesto that targets the needs of all young people. Being from a BAME background I believe that it is vital for the next generation of young BAME individuals come into politics to influence policy decisions. Why am I a member of the Labour party? And why am I in politics? Because I believe that it is the party that will spearhead the cause for working class people. And I believe that young people like myself need to stand up to fight for our own cause and not allow others to fight it for us.

By: Asher Mohammed, GCSE student,Year10, 14 years old, Labour member, Fabian, Waltham Forest Young Advisor

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