Why vote UKIP?

I know what you’re thinking; why are the words ‘student’ and ‘UKIP’ even in the same sentence, let alone an article convincing students to vote for the party? How can a party that our NUS actively opposes (I’ll come onto that later) be asking for the attention of students, let alone their vote?

Well despite what people may say, UKIP’s popularity among the 18-24 year old vote is actually growing. Its youth wing YI (Young Independence) has actually more than doubled since 2013, and increasingly younger people are voting UKIP, be it in by-elections, or council elections or the European elections of last year, so UKIP is making strides among young people. But why should you as a student vote for them? Well I could follow suit with all the other parties and tell you why you shouldn’t vote for anyone else. But this kind of politics, I think, is ugly, dull and above all, puts people off. Instead I’m going to offer something better. 

Firstly; what can UKIP offer to students specifically? UKIP proposes that no student studying the STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects should have to pay their fees. These are areas that Britain is crying out for expertise in; we should not be dis-incentivising young people from going into these areas. In terms of the Education system as a whole, UKIP is deeply concerned by the growing gap between the 7% that are lucky enough to go to private school and everybody else. That is why we propose a return to the Grammar school system that would enable bright kids from poor backgrounds the opportunity and chance to really get on in life, and it would also give those who might not be suited to the classroom, an idea of what they might like to do in the future. In our schools we would promote a sense of what it means to be British, and why we should be proud of that fact. This is a great nation that has achieved great things, and we should celebrate this a lot more than we currently do. Of course like every other nation on the planet it has dark moments of its history that we look upon today with disgust and these of course should be remembered and taught. But this should be accompanied with events that show how we’ve tried to write our wrongs, for example, yes we practiced slavery but we out in a hell of a lot of effort to not only abolish it in British territory, but also all around the world. This should be taught and celebrated along with other triumphs such as our defeat of totalitarianism and export of parliamentary democracy and capitalism. However for those who choose perhaps not to pursue higher education and may be holding down a part time job whilst they pursue a career; we propose no tax on the minimum wage. It is immoral that 16 & 17 year olds should be contributing to the education of 20 something’s. 

When I speak to other students they say the best thing about going to university is the freedom; well that is what UKIP is offering: freedom. Freedom from the burden of taxation, freedom to make choices for yourself, we in UKIP believe that we’re big enough and ugly enough to make our own minds up, we don’t need a big bossy state telling us how to conduct our own lives. This applies to both a national level and a European level. We don’t want to regain sovereignty and powers from Brussels just to leave them festering in Whitehall, we want to push them downwards and outwards to local councils or better yet private citizens. An Independent people in an Independent Britain.

By: Ross BryantHistory Student, Libertarian @RossBryant01

Credit: Copyright UKIP

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