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As a young person myself I see daily on my Twitter feed the sentence "young people ignored in manifestos". I disagree with this entirely. Everything the parties say and promise will effect us, effect our lives just because it doesn't say 'for young people we will...' Doesn't mean they aren't doing something to change our lives.

For example the NHS. Every young person has used this service in their lives. So when any politician says anything about the NHS it will effect us. In fact some NHS policies from the LibDems has the word young people in it, improving mental health services. This probably means we have to have a 'young person claxon', something which I saw, but saying we will employ more nurses, needs one, as nurses will cross paths with many young people and will be vital throughout our lives.

Our futures are laid out on the paper in those manifestos what the Government do now and in the future are going to impact us. Everything in them is going to matter just because a relative non young person sounding issue like immigration, will and does effect many things in our lives, it will effect how much can be spent on 'young person items', as more people means more money needed for the so called 'boring' issues' which in my opinion are important to me and should be important to young people. For example housing.

Yes we need more money on schools and education, but also on health, pensions and wages, although we are not at the correct age yet we will be.

I can't vote in this current election but if the young people of day only take notice of the 'young people's' issues they will miss the bigger picture, our futures. 

By: Tessa BundyUKIP Supporter @tessbundy

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