Can young people be interested in Politics?

I think a lot of adults see young people as these people who are trying to figure out what to do with their lives, without worrying about 'adult life'. Although when they do - it takes people in a shock, both good and bad.

My parents both support me with my interest in politics. My dad can always find a stupid topic to have a debate about (he's a Tory, just saying) while my mum kind of just rants about whatever Putin is doing and taxes in Denmark. They found it funny in a cheerful way when I would ask about how the government works and whether or not we can trust politicians. Although now they're the ones asking me questions, most of the time. Just because one can't vote doesn't mean one can't have an interest or an opinion for something to do with politics. There are several different topics which adults take an interest in that doesn't concern them - if you look at the teenage life. Ultimately, a teenagers opinion is one of the most important. Politicians are shaping our future, in some way or other, and we ought to have a say in what we think about it.

I am not saying we should put the voting age down to thirteen or fourteen, that would be absurd! You would end up with clueless boys and girls who vote for that guy they saw on the news the other day, because he said one good thing which sounded reasonable but you had no idea what it meant. But lets stick it down to 16, at least in some votes.

Just like adults - young people are different as well. Some have dark hair, some have blonde, others play football and a few watch the news and check up on politics. I'm the last one. I've gotten used to the common remarks on people telling me to educate myself, and "anything Victoria likes is boring." My reason for having such a wide interest in the Globe is simply because there are so many problems which no one is willing to fix. When will the West face up to Russia properly instead of sanctioning them and putting them on hold? When will people actually start taking Global Warming seriously? Those are only some of my problems. And the racial discrimination people see everyday. As well as USA's hideous gun laws - oh the list goes on forever!

We are the ones who aren't just listening to the same words coming out of politicians mouths, but the ones who are inventing new ones. Don't get me wrong - some politicians provide hope. They are the ones who have inspired me.

There are also the ones who claim young people are too interested in politics, and since when did they start caring about taxes. We see problems as well, whether it is at school, on the news or on the bus. We are aware of what is happening around us - some more than others. If the General Election taught me something, it's that everyone I'm friends with on Facebook apparently has a degree in Politics. Typing salty statuses explaining how we shouldn't be involved in what's going on and continue playing with toys. As far as I am concerned, before the flow of political teenagers (sorry - best name I could think of) adults would complain about how we waste our time on stuff that wouldn't help us in our future. Now that a lot of us have come over that barrier, we apparently aren't welcome. Why? Because they're scared of our ideas.

Next time you tell Abby Tomlinson that she can't vote, so why does she write for the Guardian and appears on Sky News - or you tell someone like me that I shouldn't care, please consider that we have every right to be part of the moving act towards fairness and equality, we have a brain which is capable of bringing new ideas.

By: Victoria Lisek, Very interested and involved in politics, quite like Top Gear and maths. Twitter: @yesitsvicky

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  1. Hiya, this sounds like a description of my life. I'm 17, so too young to vote (though I did vote in the Scottish Independence referendum) and a member of the Liberal Democrats. One of the things that drew me to the party is that it is our policy that 16 year olds should have the vote. In Scotland we actually do have it now. Ironically I'll be 18 by the time of the Holyrood elections. But hey, the government could collapse overnight for one reason or another, and I'd get to vote. It might interest you to know that there is a 13 year old in my local party, who is running for policy committee in Liberal Youth.

    But if you are living my life as much as you seem to be, you would much rather talk issues than parties. I noticed what you said about sanctions and Russia. It may have taken a long, long time, but pressure and sanctions from the West has recently caused Iran to agree not to build a nuclear bomb - at least, not right now. While sanctions do hit us as well as the country being targeted - apparently our alcohol exports have fallen since we started sanctioning Russia - it seems that eventually the country will have to move to negotiations. Also, if we are too aggressive too quickly, then, in my opinion, we risk sudden and forceful retaliation. And it is fairly clear what happens when Russia retaliates.

    Other than that, I agree with you 100% and this article sums up some of my most potent frustrations XD

    1. Hi Joanne! It's great to hear that you voted in the Scottish Independence referendum, I've heard about Scotland lowering their voting age to 16. Denmark (where I live) is working on it, and since I am 14 I am really, really hope I will get the opportunity to vote before I turn 18 to be a part of it. I think it is pretty amazing that a 13 year old is able to do that, I wouldn't without getting remarks! Denmark doesn't really support young people in parties but I am happy Scotland does.

      Yes you're right, for a long time I sat my focus on global affairs and didn't know how the government worked until a few months ago, I'm still learning but I think I've got it! It's true, and I am happy that the Iran deal is in place even though it took 10 years. Haha true about Russia retaliating, maybe it is good we took our time. It just feels like politicians weren't focusing on it. Around 1000 Danish farmers have given up their jobs since Russia in one of Denmarks main exports for eggs and other dairy products, so Russia has been very reasonable and Putin definitely thought it through when he banned food imports from countries in the West.

      Well let's hope that people become accepting and never fall into society's trap of labelling youth as lesser with opinions and general intelligence :)

    2. (By the way, I'm the one who wrote the article I'm writing this from my Google account)


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