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Is Immigration to the UK too high?

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From January to March this year (2015) net migration to the UK reached 330,000 - the foreign born population is 8.3 million (13%). Immigration dominated much of the debate in the run up to the general election in May, leading Prime Minister David Cameron to promise to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands.

The issue of immigration hasn't gone away and has featured prominently in discussions between Labour leader candidates (voting is underway with the result set to be announced 12 September). Jeremy Corbyn, considered the front runner, has dismissed concerns over immigration whereas Liz Kendall (considered most likely to come in last place) has called for an Australian-style points system, similar to what UKIP have suggested.

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  1. I think we have a world crisis at the moment and need all countries to take emergancy measures at this point. Yvette Coopers idea seems a decent one worth considering.


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