How does the United Kingdom produce its energy?


I have recently been researching into how the United Kingdom produces and generates it's electricity and the results I have found were shocking.

The United Kingdom generates; 47% from natural gases, 28% from burning coal, 1% from oil, 16% from nuclear fusion, 7% from renewable and 1% from Europe importation. These results were recorded from energy UK.

The worrying fact is that the United Kingdom, a very powerful country in terms of GDP, education, healthcare and military power, generates up to 75% of its energy using fossil fuels that will cease to exist within the next 100 years.

This is shocking knowing that Denmark generates almost 40% of its energy using renewable sources such as; solar, wind and hydroelectric.

It is predicted, and the Conservative government has pledged, that the United Kingdom will generate one third of its energy using renewable sources by 2020 and reduce the amount of reliability on fossil fuels.

So what do you think, do you think the United Kingdom should carry on using fossil fuels to power an more economically developed country or should we invest and turn to more sustainable and reliable energy sources...?

By: Joshua May, Young Labour Activist who is fighting for a better UK @JoshuaMayLabour

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