The Climate is Changing, but are we?

We all know that the climate is changing, and that the globe is warming up; it has risen 2 degrees since the 1800.

So the climates changing, but are we changing our actions?

The world still continues to use fossil fuels as an main energy production source, however we have also as an majority increased the use of renewable energy, hydroelectric, solar and wind.

However, there are still countries that are an far distance from having or using renewable energy. No countryas of yet relies solely on renewable energy; there is more profit in oil, gas and coal than there is solar, hydro and wind.

We are gradually and slowly changing, but are we changing fast enough?

Scientists and professionals think we are not acting fast enough to reduce our reliability on fossil fuels, we are changing yet we are not changing fast enough to preserve and 'save' the planet.

We are not changing fast enough, and nor are the organisms that global warming is effecting.

Polar bears have failed to evolve and adapt to there surroundings and it is likely that they will soon die out. This will have an massive effect on food chains inside and outside the Arctic.

Bees have also failed to evolve to the drastic change in climate, they are dying out faster than ever and they play a key role to our existence on Earth as they pollinate the majority of the vegetables and fruits we eat daily. There are more bees dying than there are bee keepers to sustain the population - surely that isn't sustainable.

Everyday we hear of parts of the great barrier reef vanishing and types of coral becoming extinct. The destruction of coral has an massive effect on sea life food chains and the regulation of Carbon being released into the atmosphere.

The truth is, the climate is changing drastic and too fast for anyone to do anything about it. Professionals state that we have passed the point of no return and that we should now concentrate how to mitigate the negative effects as oppose to stopping climate change altogether.

This does not mean, however, that we are all dead and there is no chance of surviving. If we all pulled together and worked as a team then something could be done. Take, for example, when countries worked together against the depletion on the Ozone layer (when we had passed the point of no return) and won. The Ozone layer is now on track for full recovery.

So yes, we are changing - but we need to change now, we need to change fast and we need to change efficiently.

By: Joshua May, Hello, I am an Young Labour Activist who is fighting for change in the UK @JoshuaMayLabour

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