6 Money Saving Apps Every Student Needs

As students we are always looking for ways to improve our daily lives. Whether it is optimizing the way we manage our finances or getting special discounts at retail stores, Smartphone apps present savvy users with the opportunity to maximize their savings. Here are 6 apps that every student needs that will help you do everything from saving money to giving back to charity.

1. Personal Finance

Most students are in an endless cycle of getting money and then becoming broke until their next pay check. With so many social events and student organizations, we wonder where all of our money has gone. While we may know how to write a dissertation on Shakespeare’s masterpieces or derive complex algorithms, few of us are pros at managing our personal finances. That is why every student should download the app Mint. I know the name is bizarre but this app helps you plan everything from how to fund your tuition to identifying where all of your reckless spending is going to. So while most students will be struggling to get money for the weekend, you will already be well budgeted and ready to live it up.

2. Winter is Coming

We may be a few months away from winter but that doesn’t mean you aren’t running up the utility bill for your flat. Often times the cost of utilities is an unpleasant surprise that is more painful than losing your favorite character in Game of Thrones. While Meter Readings may not be able to prevent the Red Wedding, it will be able to track your utility usage throughout the month so you know how much you are actually using.

3. Crowdfund it!

Finding ways to finance school or Erasmus can be a difficult burden. Trying to fund everything from housing to tuition can seem impossible without taking a loan or working multiple jobs. To alleviate this, created a crowdfunding app just for students! Their crowdfunding experts can help you plan a campaign and leverage your network to help you pay for school. With so many costs associated with learning, crowdfunding your tuition is a fantastic alternative.

4. Finding Deals

While planning personal finance is obviously smart, finding savvy ways to stretch your budget is even smarter. We know that there are tons of websites that offer coupons like Scoutmob, Groupon and Fab, but who has the time to scroll through all of those sites? Thankfully the app Redemia is here to save us from that hassle. Redeemia essentially sources all of those great coupon sites and organizes it in a manner that is more catered to your needs. Now you can save money on everything from workout classes to Ibiza trips.

5. I Owe You

Do you have that one friend that always says they will pay you back after going out for dinner or a big night out? They likely take their sweet time to reimburse you or totally “forget” and never do. Now they have no excuse thanks to the money swapping app Azimo. This app allows you and your friends to instantly transfer money back and forth on your smart phone.

6. Giving Back

So far all of our apps have talked about leveraging ways to save money or finding great deals. As students we may not have copious amounts of money but we have a lot of spare time and should be fit enough to go on a run or a stroll through the park. Now you can exercise AND contribute to your favorite charity with the app Charity Miles. For every mile (1.6 km) you walk, run or cycle, corporate sponsors of Charity Miles will donate a few cents (pence) to a charity of your choice. College is one of the few times in life where you have endless opportunities to learn, socialize and grow without the pressure of real adulthood. Unfortunately money is usually the biggest hindrance we face that can curtail your university experience. Whether you crowdfund with or save money with Redeemia, hopefully these apps will help you! "

By: Patrick, from studentbackr.com
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