A Lesson in History for Cameron

By: Muhammed Hussain, Sixth Form Student

Today it was reported that "the prime minister said the best solution to the migration crisis was to bring peace and stability to the Middle East".

Has he forgotten that there is instability in the Middle East because of his government who: A) Carried out air strikes on Libya in 2011 to topple Ghaddifi's government, and B) Were thinking of carrying out air strikes on Syria in 2013?

Since Ghaddifi's government was toppled, Libya has been sucked into a mayhem of bloodshed and civil war. Long story short: people are being massacred daily. Hence, it's completely comprehensible that why people are seeking to come to Europe (especially Germany, France and the UK) to start a better and safer life.

Furthermore, let's not forget that it was Tories alongside the Lib Dems who fiercely supported the rebellions; rebellions that have direct links with Al-Qaeda affiliated groups. This gave an extensive amount of time and space for ISIS to become the most sophisticated terrorist organisation in the 21st century.

However, I must clarify that I am not trying to state that President Assad or Ghaddifi should have never been removed from power or shouldn't be removed from their position. But when you have to choose between two evils, you must always pick the lesser of the two!

Therefore, I profoundly believe that we owe it to the Syrians and the Libyans to give them asylum. The migration crisis is a direct result of our government's foreign policy.

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