UK Politics Round Up: 04/09/2015

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Six Million to Benefit From National Living Wage, Report Finds
Six million people (a quarter of all employees) will benefit from the rise in the minimum wage next year, the Resolution Foundation has concluded.  The minimum wage is set to rise to £7.20 for those over the age of 25 in April next year. The report found that more women will benefit more than (3.7m to 2.6m) which will help to reduce the pay gap.  It also said that even those whose wage will not directly change as a result of the pay rise will benefit from 'ripple effect' of wage increase.

Corbyn Wins Sky Labour Leadership Debate
Sky's official results for their Leadership debate show 84.3% say Jeremy Corbyn won, with Liz Kendall coming second (7.8%), followed by Andy Burnham and then Yvette Cooper. The next Labour leader will be announced on 12 September.

Pressure Grows on Cameron to Allow More Refugees in to the UK
David Cameron has defended his government's policy on Syrian refugees as pressure on him to allow more in grows.  The government has committed to taking 500 refugees, however many are saying this is not enough and that the UK should be doing more. Germany and Austria include countries who have called for the UK to home more refugees.   Meanwhile, a photo of a three year old boy who had died along with 11 other Syrian refugees while trying to reach Europe was featured on the front page of a number of UK newspapers including the Independent, Mirror, Sun and Telegraph. Find more on this story here (Independent).

Electoral Commission Calls For EU Referendum Question Change
The Electoral Commission has recommended that the current EU referendum question be changed as it is biased towards 'yes' supporters. The question currently proposed by ministers is: "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?" The commission recommended it be changed to "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?". The government said it would accept the changes, although it will have to pass through Parliament. Campaigners wishing to leave the EU welcomed the decision.

Yvette Cooper: Every City Should Take 10 Refugees
Labour leader hopeful said: "If every city took 10 refugee families, if every London borough took 10 families, if every county council took 10 families, if Scotland, Wales and every English region played their part, then in a month we'd have nearly 10,000 more places for vulnerable refugees fleeing danger, seeking safety." She added: "To stop being so scared of the politics of immigration we fail to help refugees". Currently, the UK has agreed to take in 500 Syrian refugees. Liz Kendall said she backed this plan and that the UK can take "thousands more", while Andy Burnham said countries that are "able to take more should do so". Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn called for the UK to reverse its decision not to join the UN quota refugee scheme.

More Free Schools Announce by Cameron
David Cameron has announced the opening of 18 more Free Schools (state-funded schools which are set up by academy trusts, parents, teachers and community groups), adding to the 252 already operating. Cameron said: "The aim of this policy is crystal clear - to increase the number of good and outstanding school places so that more parents have the security of knowing their child is getting a great education". However, the move has been criticised by some including the teacher's union NUT.

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