UK Politics Round Up: 11/09/2015

Labour Leader to be Announced Tomorrow
After three months of the leadership contest we will finally learn who had been chosen to lead the Labour party tomorrow (12/09/15). Jeremy Corbyn is the favourite to win, however Andy Burnham has said he still has an "outside chance". Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall are also in with a chance, however Liz Kendall appears to have conceded defeat with a speech yesterday.

MPs Names and Shamed over Unpaid Expenses
Ipsa, the Commons watchdog, has named 26 MPs who have failed to pay back expenses debt despite being asked for the money by letter four times. Three ministers were named. Read more on the BBC>

Migrant Crisis Update
This week David Cameron said the UK would take 20,000 Syrian refugees from camps in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey over the next five years. This announcement came under growing pressure from the public and other countries for the UK to take more refugees in.

Benjamin Netanyahu in UK
The Israeli Prime Minister is in the UK for talks with David Cameron on Syria and the Middle East. His visit has been met with opposition from pro-Palestine activists and the BBC has reported "angry confrontations" during protests around Downing Street. A petition calling for Netanyahu to be arrested gained enough signatures to force a debate in Parliament, however the UK government said "visiting heads of foreign governments... have immunity from legal process, and cannot be arrested or detained".

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