UK Politics Round Up: 25/09/2015

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Lord Ashcroft's 'Call me Dave'...
The Daily Mail has been serialising Lord Ashcroft's unofficial autobiography. This gave birth the the twitter #piggate - find more on that here. The book also claims that the Prime Minister took drugs during his time at University, but perhaps more significant is the claim from Ashcroft that Cameron knew that he was a non-dom before that information was in the public domain. If true it would mean that the he deliberately deceived the public.  However there have been doubts casts over the legitimacy of claims made in the book; Ashcroft has openly admitted that he was upset over the fact he wasn't given a high-profile role in Cameron's government after donating £8m to the Conservatives before the 2010 general election.

Labour needs to embrace British identity, MPs say
A group of Labour MPs have set up a group called 'Red Shift', with the aim of getting back in touch with the party's roots and embracing British identity. A report the group released on Thursday (see here) called for the creation of an English Labour party, saying that England 'will decide Labour's future' and thus the party needs to win a majority in England. The report also says that Labour needs to 'embrace the politics of English identity'. The group contains Liam Byrne MP, Shabana Mahmood MP, Heidi Alexander MP and Nic Dakin MP.

Corbyn would scrap welfare cap
Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed his position on the welfare cap to his shadow cabinet, according to the BBC. He would get rid of a welfare cap, a policy put in place by the Conservative government who said "Labour want a return to unlimited handouts". Corbyn's position is considered controversial within the party, particularly among some MPs who have publicly spoken in favour of the cap. The government plans to limit working-age benefits to £20,000 and £23,000 in London.

Tim Farron gives first Lib Dem conference speech as leader
Tim Farron, the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, has given a generally well-recieved speech at his party conference. He highlighted issues of conflict he has with the Conservative government - in particular their approach to refugees. You can watch, and read, the full speech here.

Farage's priority is leaving the EU, not UKIP
UKIP are hosting their conference today (Friday 25 Sept) with a focus on getting the UK out of the EU. Nigel Farage has even said that leaving the EU is his priority, not his party. He said he wanted a "show of unity" among groups and parties in favour of leaving the EU.

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