Voiceless, Abandoned, Outraged: Fury at Tory Budget Remains Strong

How did you feel on Wednesday, 8th July, as George Osborne stood strong in his sleek suit and tie, announcing which pockets the Tories would be picking with the 2015 budget? Pleased, perhaps, over their promises to be 'Bold in reforming welfare', 'Bold in delivering infrastructure' and 'Bold in building the Northern Powerhouse'.

Too bad 'bold' is only for the old with this budget, George!

Due to the cutting of university grants, the possibility of raising tuition fees and their exclusion from the living wage, young people could be the ones to suffer most under Tory rule. 

In addition, critics have condemned the scrapping of housing benefit for those aged 18-21, as it could lead to a mass rise in homelessness in the UK. Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England, said: "Cutting housing benefit for young people is the most pernicious example of Osborne inflicting more pain on today’s younger generation. With rents sky high and no policy to bring them back down, Osborne is basically telling young people they have to stay at home with their parents forever."
Lies, damned lies and statistics...

Forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) predict growth this year at 2.4% and it is clear the Conservatives hope their budget will drive further economic growth. Yet, how can a generation haunted by low pay, rising homelessness and debt provide a prosperous future for Britain?
Although, many have been blinded with Osborne's promise of a higher minimum wage of £7.20 an hour for the over 25s, as young adults become a source of cheap labour, unemployment amongst the older generations could rise. 

Democracy? More like hypocrisy.

In particular, it is those under 18 who will be affected most by raising tuition fees and the cutting of maintenance grants, yet, without the vote, they have the least political representation. Many college students are now questioning their futures and whether university is still a viable path for them.

Katie Farr, a student of 16, said: 

"The government’s decision to cut university grants is terrible. Education is one of the main ways to escape poverty; people can’t do that if they’re living with a debt they might never pay off!"

Megan Dunn, the National Union of Students' President, commented: 

“Sketches about student poverty have become a punchline. But this isn’t a joke, it’s a national crisis. For our poorest, every day is a struggle. Having money in their pockets they won’t have to pay back, gives them the confidence to succeed."

Overall, the budget has left the young adults of Britain broke; homelessness, low pay and unemployment becoming a reality for all too many young people. With a fluctuating economy and an ever changing education system, the future of Britain's youth is heading into murky waters. Until there is further age equality in the distribution of austerity, I fear Osborne's policies could stunt future economic growth at its roots.

By: Cara Exall, Student, 16. Twitter: @caraericah I blog @gdnchildrensbooks and on the Hereford Sixth Student Voice.

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