The Existence of Israel and the Need for a One State Solution

The Question:

How does the Post WWII world solve the problem of protecting and apologising to a race, hurt beyond imagination and riding on a growing sympathy for Zionism?

The Answer:

Another Post-British-Rule-Partition in which communities are torn up, new boundaries drawn out as if they were on a sandy beach and the beginning of what has essentially been a 70 year civil-war - with divisiveness, hatred and grievance becoming everlasting traits now
bred into the region.

The Outcome:

Israel. To many Jews since the covenant with Abraham first referenced a “promised land” it is a symbol of their destiny, their messianic hope that their quest to reach and populate their homeland be fulfilled (striking dark similarities with America’s “Manifest Destiny” approach to dominating almost an entire continent, culminating in the demolition of an ancient culture in an understatedly violent fashion during the 19th Century, but that’s for another day); to many post-war European diplomats and politicians in 1945, it (Israel) was a chance to give the Jewish people a long awaited, and arguably long overdue, Jewish State in which they could be protected after 2,000 years of anti-Semitism as well as to relieve the guilt after the true horrors of the holocaust became apparent.

However to me, and a vastly growing number of commentators and activists outside of “Israel”, it is becoming a symbol of a sinister, belligerent regime. A regime in which the majority of its citizens maintain complete and undying belief (as if its government's actions were somehow divine and unquestionable- not abnormal for a state based on a captivating ideology) whilst from the outside its actions appear increasingly abhorrent and repressive towards those on its borders, following a clear and unapologetic expansionist policy, unfairly bulldozing through all diplomatic obstacles with calls of “Anti-Semitism”. That is how the Jewish State is coming across to most it seems, except policy-makers, those in government and the upper echelons of western society, fearful of disrupting certain international or “establishment” relations. These people are unwilling, it would seem, to challenge a status quo consisting of an expanding Jewish State creating cross-border tensions, fully supported by America and her allies.

The most recent developments, for example, follow a similar pattern to those of the past when it comes to Israeli political tactics. Israel introduces what it fully knows to be a provocative policy- involving bans on entering parts of Jerusalem for Palestinians, a clear attempt at the annexation of the international city- and then ensues on a policy of collective punishment against Palestinians, one which is condemned by human rights groups, when a single member of the Arab community reacts. Much like the demolition of Gaza in summer 2014 in which over 2,000 (civilian) Palestinians were killed, Israel takes any violent response as a green light to invoke oppressive and harsh measures against the whole Palestinian community. The demolition of houses of the relatives of Palestinian rebels earlier this month and the use of weapons to prevent anyone in Gaza having the right to protest at the fences put up in Palestinian territory are clear indications of the provoke and repress agenda of Netanyahu’s government. When they succeed in provoking a response, they take the international community’s support with them on a wave of western media depicting resistance as terrorism, a striking similarity with apartheid South Africa’s view of Nelson Mandela and the ANC in the 1960s-1980s.

Before the Jewish State decided to annex and occupy areas of the Arab State in and since 1967, Israel-Palestine was first partitioned in 1947 on the principle of economic union; today’s Zionists clearly interpret this as economic domination. Not only does the Jewish State create apartheid and socially hinder any progression towards integration but it also deprives and restricts any possibility of economic prosperity in the Gaza strip. Was it not for Israeli aggression, a world bank report has estimated that GDP growth in Gaza would be four times higher, stating that “The status quo in Gaza is unsustainable”. Their blockade not only makes growth an economic impossibility, it makes living as unpleasant as possible whilst encouraging the creeping line of Israeli settlers, illegally sliding over Palestinian land, pushing back borders and expanding the Jewish state. The Two State Solution, in which one is insisting on oppressing and eventually exterminating the other, creating what is now millions of displaced Palestinian refugees worldwide is clearly no longer a viable option to ensure long-term peace and stability.

Despite its tensions, provocations and potential ramifications for future international relations, the Palestinian question is simple: do we again allow (what were) European settlers to dominate, destroy and rule over a land and its previous inhabitants- but this time with vast consequences on the delicate and not so delicate state of affairs throughout the region- or do we decide, as Prime Minister Rudd of Australia did in 2008, that the right to live in a land which your ancestors had lived for generations should no longer be infringed due to an archaic religious belief that one race supersedes all others in their claim to live in a certain area.

Do we, the international community, condone an apartheid nation’s fascist policies whilst labelling any resistance movement as “terrorist” or “anti-Semitic”; or do we stand up, threaten the status quo, defy laws which prevent protest against a racist ideology, and protect a people whose statehood, freedom and right to self determination have all been ignored? I hope, and I think, you know the answer and the Jewish Community- more than most- should be acutely aware of the consequences when fascism rears its ugly head. One state, with equal rights and equal opportunity is the only long-term solution. This is not a battle between two nation states, as it is often perceived, but between a colonialist occupier and a native indigenous people and, quite simply, separate IS NOT equal. 

By: Patrick Nolan, Challenge the establishment, including its laws:) Twitter: @nolanpaddyyak
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