Politics: The Elephant in the Room

By: Farhin Patel, Twitter: @farhin_ptl

Politics can seem like a whole other world that doesn’t concern us. The complex political jargon making it seem incomprehensible and inaccessible; it definitely seems better left to the political experts. It all seems well and good to leave it to the tabloids but politics plays a huge part in our lives whether we care to admit it or not.

Politics decides how much VAT you’ll pay every time you pop out to buy yourself a new pair of converse, new jacket, make up, bags and even your food. Politics decides what to do with all that tax that gets deducted from your payslip every week/month. Politics decides whether another country will see drones instead of stars at night. Politics decides how much tuition you’ll pay if you decide to go to university.

The regular scandals, the gaffes, the jeering and booing at PMQs all reinforce the alienation and an almost growing distaste for politics. People are cynical about the workings of the government and constantly feel disillusioned. Ironically, the solution for such disillusionment is simply an engagement of all the voices that want to be heard. It is people standing up and talking that will change what we don’t like.

For too long, young people have avoided talking about the things that matter. With a turnout out of only 58% this year something needs to be done to get young people- the people whose futures are in question, out and getting their voices heard. It is time to teach young people how our country works. Just two years of standard teaching can work wonders and what better way to equip the youth, the ‘next generation’ than with knowledge- after all knowledge is power.

It’s time we put Government and Politics in our national curriculum. It’s time we stop running from politics.

It’s time we talk about that elephant in the room. 
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  1. Good read. I Look forward to reading more from this writer.


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