“A Bunch of Migrants” - It’s not derogative… its fact!

For many, David Cameron caused controversy at Prime Minister’s Questions last Wednesday afternoon.  However, for most he spoke perfect sense. His words were not offensive, derogative or insulting – they were simply fact! Let’s remind ourselves of the Prime Minister’s phrasing:

“Look at their record after the last week: they met with the unions and gave them flying pickets, they met with the Argentinians – they gave them the Falkland Islands. They met with a bunch of migrants in Calais and said they could all come to Britain! The only people they never stand up for are the British people and hardworking taxpayers.”

The ‘bunch of migrants’ he is referring to are the millions of people who have been displaced from their homes, fleeing war and persecution from countries like Syria, Eritrea, Iraq and Afghanistan, many of whom are young and unaccompanied children. And yet with a simple, factual, phrase stated during an unscripted debate - Mr. Cameron has offended half the county! And yet, his reasoning makes total sense – Britain is not in a position to house, support and offer resources to potentially millions upon millions of refugees. In the midst of a housing crisis, a homelessness emergency and rising: house prices, inflation and welfare, we are simply not in a position to write a blank cheque, open our borders and say – “come to Britain”! What would that say to all those already residing in the United Kingdom? British or European – we are already struggling to maintain operational status of core public services, such as the NHS. Those who are homeless would be denied the little support we can already provide - the limited social housing we currently have on offer is nowhere near the quantity we need in order to satisfy the endless waiting lists. Therefore, allowing an unknown quantity of refugees entry to Britain would alienate those who reside the United Kingdom and extend the problem of our spiralling welfare state.

Terrorism – it’s a major issue that haunts the European continent and international stage. Terrorism in the twenty-first century is dominated by Islamic extremism - disgusting, vile and heinous acts committed in the name of a traditionally peaceful religion. And the murderers that were responsible for the devastating attacks on Paris in November last year – were smuggled into Europe under the cover of desperation they are partially responsible for causing. Now thankfully, even though I am an active supporter of our membership of the European Union, Britain has not signed up to the ‘Schengen’ agreement – freedom of movement is permitted amongst Europeans, however identification must be presented. Now under no circumstances am I comparing refugees to terrorists, however terrorism thrives on opportunity – assuming we open our borders to an unlimited number of non-Europeans… what would stop Islamic State and others alike – utilising the same tactic as those responsible for the atrocities committed in Paris? Because this is the reality… most of those who are currently supporting Britain assisting those fleeing the Middle East would soon change their minds if hundreds of Brits were murdered by terrorists in London and it was revealed, that they had gained entry to the United Kingdom via migration. The mood would soon rapidly alter as it has done in Germany…

Angela Merkel – one million migrants later… and the German state is headed for chaos. Ever since the German Chancellor opened the floodgates to an unlimited number of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa the social decline of the former Prussian states has been in freefall. Germany is now: overrun, overcrowded, underfunded and political chaos ensues. Extreme right-wing political groups have mobilised: attacking migrants, committing acts of arson and threatening further violence. And there have been ruffling’s of similar actions in Britain – most recently in Dover, this weekend groups from the anti-fascist league and anti-immigration protestors clashed in the heavily Eastern-European populated port town. This is yet another reason for dissuading entry to an unknown number of refugees – nationalism is a feeling that is running deep within Britain… why should we fuel the fire?

Ethnicity – it’s a word we shroud in Britain… too blunt and we call others racist. Too subtle… we call the culprits weak. Political correctness is a traditional British value we have always abided to, however on occasions – we need to be blunt. Understanding the ethnicity of those fleeing the Middle East is crucial, the current mass of refugees consist of three groups: Shia, Sunni and Kurds. In a nutshell… Sunnis make up the terrorist group known as Islamic State, Shia is the ethnicity of the Assad government, and Sunnis also dominate the anti-Assad and anti-IS forces. Pre-2003, Iraq was a mostly stable nation ruled by Saddam Hussein. Post-2003 – the conflict entered into by British and American forces had destabilised the political situation in Iraq and triggered a powder keg of ethnic division. Out of this chaos Islamic State was born, Iraq descended into chaos and the ‘Arab Spring’ began. As a result of defeating the Iraqi Army – we installed a Western-friendly government, one which was rejected by the majority of Iraqis. And the key term that threw Iraq into the abyss – democracy. Similar to post-World War One Germany: Sunnis, Shias and Kurds are not used to the democratic system. They have always be ruled by strong, military dictators that can keep the deep rifts of ethnic diversity in check. Fort those who belong to these ethnic groups – strength is paramount… a strong leader prevents those who belong to these groups, falling into anarchy. This lack of strong leadership then radiates across Europe – how can we allow those who have never lived under a democratic system, those who treat women as second class citizens – to live inside our borders? Is their treatment of women a contributor to the callous sex attacks committed in Cologne? Is it better to accept stability in region as a result of a tyrant ruling, rather than toppling said dictator and creating mobocracy?

I accept, humanity is a shared trait – we owe a basic level of care to other like us. However, our current situation does not allow us to offer direct, unlimited assistance. Speaking in broader terms in relation to European immigration – I have no quarrel with that. These are our fellow European citizens – we must embrace them as our own as we have done since the Treaty of Maastricht signed in 1992.  I believe a full, autonomous military solution is the answer – we must defeat IS in their heartland. In the long run it will result in more refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq, however real action has been ignored for too long – it’s time we took real action. But in the meantime we cannot allow ourselves to simply sign a blank-cheque, waive the rights to our borders and let go of our already reduced sovereignty. Britain is at breaking point… we must not create another problem we will regret.

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  1. I found this article and its views, in short, disgusting.

    1. I think you're totally right. They are not just a bunch of migrants - they are some of the most vulnerable people. Our country has a responsibility to help, not just watch from the sidelines.

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