What We Should Expect From Iowa

By: Reece Lingard, Student Voices Writer

Credit: Telegraph
Tomorrow the electorate in Iowa will vote for who they want to be their Presidential Candidate for their respective parties. Currently for the Democrats Hilary Clinton is the front runner, but as a poll from the Des Moines Register shows us, Clinton only has a narrow lead over Senator Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump is, as expected, leading for the Republicans with Cruz and Rubio lagging behind; Bush's completely out of site. 

The Des Moines Poll last night gave Clinton a 3 point lead on 45% with Sanders narrowly behind on 42%. Judging by this poll both Clinton and Sanders will need strong ground operations if either one of them hope to win in Iowa. If I was going to make a prediction I’d say Clinton will narrowly win. But one thing is for sure and that is Clinton isn’t running away with the nomination as we first thought she would. Everybody seemed to think Clinton would walk the primaries and then the Presidential Election, however the self-declared 'socialist' Bernie Sanders is making it a much tighter race, and he's even is in with a shot at the nomination and the Presidency himself. 

With this talk of winning it’s worth sparing a thought for the Former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley, who despite being rather likable and some good policy stances the poll last night gave him 3%, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t complete the primaries and I expect he would endorse Clinton as he did in 2008 with hopes of a cabinet post or even a place on the ticket.

It’s hard not to feel despair when looking at the Republican Race. Trumps momentum is scary especially considering how dangerous he is to the US and its world standing. Although Cruz, who is a considerable distance behind, is hardly that big of an improvement. To be honest I’m intrigued as to why Republicans are not throwing themselves at Rubio. For the GOP he is the obvious choice, deep faith, young, solidly Conservative and is not as mad as Donald J Trump. 

But Rubio is on 15% compared to Trumps 28%. In spite of that a strong third in Iowa won’t count Rubio out of the race. It must be said Jeb Bush can’t share the same optimism. On just 2% any hopes of following his Brother or Farther have certainly been dashed. Taking a guess at the Republican race I’d say Trump will win in Iowa with Cruz as the runner up and Rubio third. But with the Republican establishment frightened of Trump as the nominee I expect an anti-Trump ticket will emerge soon.  

Meet the author:

I'm a college student from Sheffield studying Politics, History and Sociology. I'm a keen member of Labour and Progress and intend on campaigning for Britain to stay in the EU. Twitter: @LingardReece
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    1. Thanks for this - we've had a read through and made some adjustments.


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