EU Referendum: The Student Movements

You're probably aware of 'Leave.EU', 'Vote Leave', 'Labour Leave' and 'Stronger In' et cetera, et cetera - but how much do you know about the Student movements who over the next few months will be targeting your vote in the June referendum. We're taking a look at the two leading groups on either side, Students for Britain - advocating that Britain leaves the EU, and Students for Europe - advocating the opposite.

It's early days for both campaigns, but Students for Britain (linked with Vote Leave) have already started to target young people with 'Vote Leave' condoms reading 'It's riskier to stay in' and 'the safer choice'.  Speaking on BBC News, the Chair of the group Tom Harwood said:
"Most [students] don't really care about the EU.  They don't know what it does for them and as a result they default to the status quot.  We're here to argue that actually remaining in the EU is no the status quot, it means handing over more power and more money to Brussels - but also to debunk a lot of myths that are around.  We're here to put across the arguments to a really apathetic student population."
And then there's Students4Europe.  Linked to the Stronger In campaign, they only launched (officially) in the past couple of days.  Like Students for Britain, they haven't had time to do much yet - but we're sure they'll be making a lot of noise in the coming months.  They describe themselves as:
"Students for Europe is the positive, grassroots campaign to campaign for the UK to remain a member of the EU"
Is there any indication of the popularity of the groups yet?  Well, we can look at how they're doing on social media.  Students for Britain have a total of 634 Facebook likes, compared to Students for Europe on 1,890.  On Twitter the anti-EU camp have 1,976 followers whereas the pro-EU group are on 2,415 (though they follow 3,914).

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Photo Credit: Students4Britain, Students for Europe
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