To defeat the right - the left needs to open

By: Muhammed Hussain, Student Voices Writer

There is certainly no doubt about my profound hate for Donald Trump, which of course comes as no surprise as I am a Muslim and find most of his comments have been utterly revolting, worrying and completely out of order. However, I also feel an obligation to criticise those on the left of the political spectrum. The job of the ‘left’ has always been to silence meaningful discussion about actual problems in society. This, I believe is the real cause of the outburst of fascist, right wing and dangerous rhetoric developed by Donald Trump and others in the Republican party. 

A recent poll revealed that 65% of voters who backed Donald Trump in New Hampshire was because of his bluntness, in other words, people feel attracted to him because they think that he ‘tells it like it is’. It suggests that there is significant section of society who want politicians to speak the truth. Although the ‘truth’ may seem subjective in most instances, politicians shouldn’t be too scared of speaking their minds about race, religion and culture. In times of globalisation, borderless countries and assimilation, the only way misunderstandings can be eliminated of in any society is by talking, deliberating and researching them. 

Labelling issues as a ‘taboo’ gives right wing politicians the perfect opportunity gain popular support from the relatively deprived and less educated in society. For example, even in the UK, the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party is mainly associated with their bluntness to issues which are regarded as highly sensitive such as multi-culturalism. Even the former equalities chief, Trevor Phillips stated that some people are too scared to speak minds about race. This is by no means intended to incite racism, but it must be acknowledged that there are some statistics out there which paint a gloomy picture of some social groups and should thus be discussed in a rational sense.

It’s the mistakes of the left that make the right seem attractive. The shaming and stigmatisation of people wanting to discuss controversial issues is the real cause for the rapid surge of support for right wing organisations and politicians. It gives politicians like Donald Trump the opportunity to misuse social taboos and therefore generalise groups by quoting inaccurate and unrepresentative stats. It’s noteworthy to state there is a consistent correlation of less educated people supporting right wing politicians, for example even in New Hampshire, 41% of the people who voted for Donald Trump were less educated or didn’t have a college degree. From the aforementioned it’s easy to see why that is: these people are looking for real change, and real change of course needs to start with the truth. What they call the ‘truth’, I call it ‘speaking your mind’.

Therefore, it can be concluded that this racist, xenophobic and sexist rhetoric can only be defeated if the left embraces a diversity of opinions. We need to defeat inaccurate claims by having meaningful discussions about them, researching the issues objectively and taking every side of the argument into consideration. 

Meet the author:

Muhammed Hussain 

Studying Politics, Philosophy and Sociology at Coombe Sixth Form. Used to be on the left of the political spectrum but rapidly transitioned to the centre ground. A staunch advocate of free speech, human rights and equal opportunities. Political interest is focused on local, national and international affairs. 

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