Introducing SV NEWS

Today we're introducing Student Voices NEWS - providing you with selected news on the subject of politics, student issues and current affairs.  At the moment we're trialing it and so would appreciate any feedback!

The aim of SV NEWS is not to attempt to replace the conventional news sources - we can't compete with the BBC! But we're going to try and bring you news that's relevant to young people as well as by putting a student-focused spin on political and current affairs stories.  We're hoping this will lead to more focused and consistent coverage of what's going on in the UK and the world.

As with all aspects of Student Voices, you're welcome to contribute!  Submit an article via our online submission form and tick 'NEWS' on the 'categories' option.

We're also looking for two correspondents to write regularly for NEWS.  This will involve covering major news stories with a focus on how they are relevant to/ how the affect young people and students.  If you're interested, contact us (
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