Jeremy Corbyn "can't find" his tax return... | NEWS

Update: He's found it

After criticising Prime Minister David Cameron for taking a long time to publish his tax return, it is reported that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn can't find his.  The Telegraph reports that he is unable to locate it, despite advice from HMRC that you should keep a copy after sending it to them. Corbyn has previously stated that he has no issue with publishing the document , and three days ago he promised it would be out 'very soon'.  According to the Mirror, Corbyn has asked HMRC for a copy.

George Osborne also published his tax return today, showing he paid £72,210 of tax in 2014/15 on a total income of £198,738.

Corbyn also recently called for everyone in the public eye to publish their tax returns - from politicians to journalists.  Meanwhile, Cameron is due to address MPs on his plans to tackle tax evasion in light of the panama papers revelations.

What Twitter says:

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