Why Sadiq Khan would be best for London

By: Cristina Velasco, Student Voices writer

Sadiq Khan is the best candidate to be the next Mayor of London and it’s not only because he represents the Labour Party, it’s because he represents the working people.

He comes from a family of Pakistani immigrants with eight children who worked very hard to have a better life. His father used to be a bus driver and his mother used to work as a seamstress. When he was eighteen years old, he used to work as a sales assistant in the curtain and fittings department of a shop. Then, he studied Law at University of North London and he worked as a solicitor specialising in human rights.

He shows every day that he’s a humble man who has great ideas and principles. He wants people to succeed and have a better life. As Ed Miliband said in his campaign:’ Britain only succeeds, when working people succeed’. I think this quote also represents Sadiq Khan’s policies and ideas.

Sadiq Khan’s success as a candidate is real. Lots of people from different parts of the UK help him with his campaign and they also love listening to his speeches. He listens to all the people because he likes to know about their experiences and their different ways of life.

One thing I like about him is that he loves living in a multicultural society, with people from different backgrounds and ways of life. He wants everybody to be respected and feel valued, that’s why he writes on twitter against bullying or racism, because he wants a more equal and a fairer society.

Another thing to say is if he wins, he will be the best Mayor of London in so many years. His policies are great to resolve the problems that affect people around London. His first priority as the best candidate to win is to be the most pro-business Mayor yet, working in partnership with industry to deliver on skills, infrastructure and growth.

His second priority is to tackle low pay, working with employers to make London a Living Wage City. Another important priority to mention is that he wants to restore London’s air quality to legal and safe levels, with action to make travel greener and pedestrianise Oxford Street, while protecting the green belt.

The way I see it, he’s the only one candidate to change the instability that Londoners have been living with Boris Johnson, and Zac Goldsmith could continue with his legacy. If you want to stop this situation, your choice should be Sadiq Khan.

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