Why I’m Endorsing a ‘Remain’ Vote

By: Oliver Kendall, Student Voices Writer

Source: Reuters (Via theworldly.co.uk)
By no means is the European Union perfect, in fact, it is far from it. However, on the grand scale, I believe it is in Britain’s National interest that we stay in the European Union, as the many huge benefits outweigh the few drawbacks.

This does not change the fact that I believe that the EU needs radical reform – it does. The many reforms required for a fully successful and cohesive EU were not achieved by the Prime Minister during his renegotiations.

The view that I held before the renegotiations was that reforms were needed before, during & after the referendum. That is the view I still hold. For example, I believe that the EU needs to show more transparency. Also, I strongly feel that the EU didn’t take enough action on the refugee crisis. It had and still has a responsibility to help protect vulnerable people (mainly women & children) from the dangers of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

I have many reasons for backing a remain vote, most of which are below.

First and foremost is job security:

Around 3.5 Million jobs (1 in 10) are directly linked to the UK’s membership of the EU. 

Withdrawing from the EU would see most of these jobs gone, leaving unemployment at huge levels. Welfare would be more prominent as a result, only increasing the cost for the tax payer (far more than the EU costs).

Another reason is the case for exports and inward investment:

The EU and Single Market countries buy well over half of UK exports (54% of goods & 40% of services). Over 300,000 British companies and 74% of British exporters operate in other EU markets.

Britain being in the EU & the Single Market is hugely important and a large contributing factor to American & Asian EU firms building factories in the EU. An example of this is a Haribo factory in West Yorkshire – without the EU the factory would close resulting in many job losses.

Being in the EU is vital for trade. The EU negotiates trade deals with the rest of the world. Outside the EU, Britain would have to make their own trade deals. Even though the EU is the largest market, a UK outside of it would not be a high priority for other countries to negotiate a trade deal.

EU Law requires Equal Pay:

Equal Pay for both men and women is embedded in EU law. Whilst we are in the EU, this Tory government cannot try to change this, and therefore, being in the EU helps workers. EU law states that an employer cannot discriminate against workers when they apply for a job on the grounds of their race, sexuality, ethnicity or gender. Put simply, the EU helps women and many minorities.

We are better in the EU for Peace & Democracy:

The EU plays a large part in peace and democracy internationally. It has helped to secure peace among EU nations previously at war. It has also helped to consolidate democracy in countries such as Spain, Portugal & Greece – with the UN, it plays a vital part in conflict prevention, peace keeping and democracy building.

Freedom to Study, Travel & Work in the EU:

As a future university student, I often think about studying abroad in EU countries like Italy, France, Spain or even Germany. Thanks to the EU, I can. Being in the EU means freedom to travel, work and study in other EU countries. This allows students, and people of any other age to travel across Europe, immersing themselves in new cultures, and allows foreigners to live, work & study here.

EU Research Funding:

The UK is the second largest beneficiary of EU research funds, and the government expects funding to continue in the future. The funding contributes to a vital source of income for our world leading universities and companies. Without the funding, our companies and universities would struggle on the world stage.

So this is why I am endorsing a vote to remain in the EU. The EU gives us freedom to work, study and live in fellow EU Member States, it gives us funding for our universities. It helps us to fight crime and serve justice to those who break our laws. But most importantly, it brings together the people of 28 countries into one union. We have benefitted from the EU in the past and we will benefit from the EU in the future!
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  1. If David Cameron's 'Renegotiation' has taught us anything, it's that the EU is unreformable. We've been told change is coming for the past 20 years, and the EU has only gotten worse.

    The idea that 3.5 Million jobs would be lost if we left the EU is ridiculous. These jobs you mention are importers and exporters that trade outside of the UK. Trade would still continue post-Brexit as France will want to sell us their cheese and wine, Germany will want to sell us their Cars, Spain will want to sell us their fruit, and Italy will want to sell us their Clothes. Similarly the EU countries will still want to buy British goods. It’s in their interests to sign a free trade agreement with an independent United Kingdom. Post-Brexit jobs would be created as we become able sign our own free trade agreements with the rest of the world, and open up more markets for UK businesses to buy and sell to.

    Equal pay, worker’s rights, maternity, paternity, and sick pay are all written into UK law. We've had Holiday pay since 1938, long before the EU was even thought of. If we left the EU the only way these laws would be removed is if a democratically elected government removes them. No party will ever win power running on a manifesto that says they will remove these rights.

    The EU was created as a Trade Bloc and single market. The UN secures peace and democracy. Post-Brexit we will still be a member of the UN.

    The ERASMUS+ program is open to 56 countries, 28 of whom are not members of the European Union. Britain is in a strong position to negotiate keeping Erasmus - the UK has some of the best universities in the world, and the UK accepts around 25,000 EU students a year, compared with around 14,000 British students who use Erasmus+ to study abroad. This makes Britain a valuable asset to the Erasmus program. With just a few exceptions, every other country in the world, from Mongolia to the Marshall Islands, has opted in to some elements of the Erasmus+ package.

    Remember that 'EU Research Funds' do not exist. We spend £350 Million per week on the EU, the money we receive from the EU is British tax-payers money, if we Vote Leave, and take control of this money we can spend it on everything that 'EU money' funds, with £154 Million left over to spend on whatever we want.


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