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Junior doctors are on strike for the fourth time after objecting to a new proposed contract.  The government began drawing up a new contract in 2012 but is yet to reach a deal with junior doctors and talks have now broken down.

Earlier this year ministers announced that they would that the contract would be imposed.  In response, the BMA (British Medical Association) and Just Health are planning two legal challenges against the government.

About Junior Doctors:

  • There are 55,000 junior doctors in the UK
  • The term 'junior doctor' covers those who have just graduated, to those who have been working for over ten years
  • A junior doctor's starting salary is under £23,000 - but they can earn over £70,000

 The New Contract:

  • Basic pay is going up by 13.5%
  • The definition of social hours is being changed, meaning junior doctors could potentially earn less after the new contract for doing the same work
  • Day hours on Saturday will be paid at a normal rate
  • Unsociable hour rates will be lower than now
  • The pay of existing doctors will be guaranteed for three years
Source: BBC

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