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00:11 06/05/2016

First result in: Labour holds Sunderland
Though their vote count is down from 2011

23:19 05/05/2016

The count begins!

22:43 05/05/2016

BYOP (Bring Your Own Pens)...

Some voters didn't trust the pencils provided by some polling stations and instead opted to bring their own pens.  You can read more about this story on BuzzFeed.

22:35 05/05/2016

Have you Voted today?

22:11 05/05/2016

Polls have closed!

Polls have now closed across the country.  We should know the first results later tonight and through the morning. Some results may take as long as two days to come in.

22:06 05/05/2016

Polls close at 22:00 with results expected from as early as 23:00.  We'll be updating this page and tweeting as the results come in.  If you don't fancy staying up, check back here tomorrow for all the results we know!

Who is voting for what? Find out all you need to know and our predictions here >

Key Points:

  • Polls show Conservatives likely to make gains in council elections
  • SNP expected to grow majority in Scottish parliamentary elections, with Labour likely to lose out
  • Labour candidate Sadiq Khan expected to be next mayor of London (polls indicate)
  • Bristol, Liverpool and Salford also electing mayors
  • England and Wales electing police and crime commissioners (PCCs)
  • National Assembly Elections in Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Parliamentary by-elections in Ogmore and Sheffield Brightside
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