Bristol Votes to Stay With NUS

The University of Bristol, the latest in a string of universities to hod referendums on NUS affiliation, has voted by a clear majority to remain affiliated to the NUS. 3595 votes were cast with 67% voting 'yes', to stick with the union, and 33% saying 'no'.  A statement published on the Bristol Student Union website said:

'We are pleased with this result and look forward to continuing to work with NUS on national issues such as rising fees and higher education reforms. We believe that we are stronger when we are united with other students across the country. However, while this is a clear mandate for us to remain a part of the NUS, we recognise the concerns that have been raised throughout this referendum. 
We want to assure all Bristol students that we will be working with the NUS, and you, to reform their democratic processes and address other issues within the student movement. Everyone should feel like they can be a part of our national movement and we are committed to making that happen. 
We urge anyone who would like to see changes within NUS to consider running to be a Bristol delegate to NUS's national conference. This will offer you a real opportunity to work for reform and make your voice heard. Nominations will open next week. Thanks to everyone who campaigned and voted in this referendum. The high turn out is a testament to the hard work of both campaign teams. We look forward to working with you all over the next year.'


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