A Message for the American Establishment

By: Rene Dansereau

Ok, I get it. The majority of Americans love America and most recognize a marked decrease in their personal circumstances as well as American global capacity, stature, and influence. After the televised debates started my keen interest turned to nausea and, I suspect, even political junkies are tired of the mud slinging.
This election is highlighting a resurgent wave of disaffection for the countries' administration from all sides of the political spectrum, Trump supporters from the right, Sanders supporters from the left.
I can't help but feel that my American brothers and sisters are missing a golden opportunity to improve their democracy.
Here is my train of thought.
  1. Corruption is the root cause of our discord.
  2. The majority of Americans want to "Make America Great Again" yet there is fundamental disagreement on how to go about doing so.
  3. You feel that the current establishment no longer represents you. Americans want their voice to be heard and you want to make a difference! I agree that a message needs to be sent and it seems that a vote for Trump will no longer accomplish this.
However if you;
Vote all House representatives (Congress) and Senators (yes, even Mr. Sanders) out of office!
That will send a message!
Currently many of those representatives will return to Washington and nothing will change as you fear. Serve notice that you want your representatives to represent YOU!
Use social media to spread your message to others, including the establishment. We want representatives that truly represent Americans: not Wall Street, not Big Pharma, not the NRA, not big oil companies, not big tech, not big Ag, or movie stars;
ALL Americans


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