Americans must vote for Clinton, and crown the first female President

By: Finlay Gordon-McCusker, Student Voices writer

In just a few weeks' time, Americans will elect their next president. The decision they will make is about much more than the next four years, as the consequences of electing the wrong person could haunt America for decades to come. The next President will set America's economic course, hence impacting upon every person in the country.

The choice is clear: an unqualified, unhinged, misogynist, or the most competent candidate in history.

Donald is a man who has spent his life preying on the weak and the unsuspecting. He hired contractors to build a casino but later declared himself bankrupt, forcing the hard-working contractors to leave with a tiny fraction of the money they were owed, or spend years in court, up against his vast fleet of lawyers. In 1973, he was being sued for refusing to rent apartments to black Americans.

We all heard about what Donald does to women, as we heard the leaked tape, where he said that due to his fame, he can do anything and that he 'grabs' women by their body parts, which is plainly sexual assault. It is bewildering that anyone who wants to be leader of the Free World thinks it is okay to make such vulgar comments about women. Children in America should see their President as a role model, but what sort of example would Donald set to young boys and girls?

Donald is a bigoted man, he has made derogatory comments about many groups of people, be it women, Latinos, Black people or Muslims – a man like this cannot be President of The United States. He would have no respect whatsoever from other world leaders and would shrink America's global standing.

On the other hand, is America's alternative: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary is an amazing woman, who has dedicated her life and career to public service and to her country. She has never been one to put herself first. She could've worked as a big city lawyer, for a huge law firm after leaving law school, but instead she chose the Children's Defence Fund, she became an advocate for children and a voice for the voiceless. She has spent her entire life fighting for fairness, something still seen within her to this day.

When her husband, Bill Clinton, was Governor of Arkansas, she chaired the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee and raised attainment at a state-wide level. Under Hillary's watchful eye, Arkansas went from having some of the worst performing US schools when Bill took office, to having some of the most improved schools when he became President – an incredible feat.

She has served her country in numerous ways: as First Lady, as a US Senator from New York and as US Secretary of State.

If you look at only one part of her character, it should be her intense dedication and commitment. She has been called many things, but 'quitter' was never one.

When she didn't win the Democratic Nomination in 2008, she didn't mourn her loss but instead stepped up to help make the Obama administration both: a reality, and a success. Last year, she once again launched a successful bid to become Democratic Nominee for President and is now fighting with all her might to take office.

Over the years, she has been a fantastic champion of many causes, notably, women's rights. Throughout her entire career, she has passionately fought for them. In her speech to the 1995 UN Women's Conference in Beijing, she proclaimed 'Human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights, once and for all', and criticised China's own policies, like the one child policy which led to baby girls being killed just because of their gender.

There can be no questioning of her unwavering commitment to women and equality as a whole. When she was First Lady, she was a champion of equality, when she was a US Senator, she championed equality, when she was US Secretary of State, she was a champion of equality, and as President of The United States, she will champion equality.

Hillary is the progressive candidate in this election. Along with Tim Kaine, she will run the country in a fair, modernising way. They are the two candidates who are going to build on the fantastic legacy of President Obama and use the years ahead to go further.

Clinton and Kaine will heal the divisions in the United States, and they will introduce sensible gun control, they are going to fix the broken criminal justice system. They will fix the economic inequality in America and carry on rebuilding the middle-class.

In addition to this, after 44 male presidents, the time has certainly come for a female president.

To conclude, Hillary is the only candidate in this election who is a true believer in the potential of every person in her country. Whether they're rich or poor, male or female, black or white, straight or gay, Hillary has faith in them.

There is too much at stake to elect someone as irresponsible as Donald – a man who thinks he can do whatever he wants to, who has no logical thought process.

I have no doubt that in January, we may finally be able to address the President of The United States as 'Madame President'.

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