Brexit... It Will Happen

By: James Poulter, Student Voices writer

I am already tired of hearing people say "the High Court can't do this, its undemocratic." For those who do not know, yesterday, the High Court ruled that there must be a vote in commons before initiating Article 50. We had an in-out referendum, where the voters (just over half) decided it was time to leave the European Union.

A referendum is only an advisory vote. Yes, thats right, the referendum alone is not legally enough for Theresa May and her government to pull us out of the EU. Because we live in a representative democracy, we choose our representatives, who act on our behalf. At the next election we get to hold them to account, and decide if they did what we voted them for. This means that, it is the house of commons vote which should bring us out of the EU.

You might be thinking "that means we wont leave the EU, there are many more remain MPs there are than leave." Which is correct. But because they are representing you, they are likely to vote with the public. Jeremy Corbyn himself has said that he would vote to activate article 50 in the house of commons. I guess he wants more clarity on what that vote entails first.

Everytime May, or most conservatives for that matter are asked what they are negotiating for us, we get an answer along the lines of "we will not provide a running commentary". And for the millionth time, I shout at my TV screen, "thats not what we've asked for, we just want to know what you prioritise."

May and her cabinet need to make it clear what we are getting from leaving the EU, and until she does, shes not going to win over the house of commons vote.
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