This Dull Election is No Mistake | Jack Johnston

We’re only weeks into the election, and if you’re not already tired of the same robotic slogan of “strong and stable leadership’, you soon will be.

In the Guardian, it was highlighted the effect that these repeated sound bites have on the voting public. Sure, you may believe that hearing the same dull slogan time and time again is bad for the Tory campaign. But, after hearing it a hundred times, “strong and stable leadership” will have sunk in.

In the House of Commons, Jeremy Corbyn can try to be different. He can try to win voters over by reading out real letters from real people. Unfortunately, in the end, his efforts are futile. He knows that if he wants the Labour party in power, he needs to adopt the approach of rolling out these repetitive and tactical slogans too. Does “strong against the weak, weak against the strong” ring any bells?

A year of political mayhem has left many people feeling too exhausted to face another election. In fact, the last thing that anybody wants to do is drag themselves to a polling station to vote again. If you think that these slogans are shallow or that politicians sound like computers firing off their ideas to supporting followers, that is no mistake. For the campaign strategists, it isn’t about informing the electorate of policies and ideas. It is about using a war of words to win at any means necessary.

Theresa May is avoiding live television debates that will focus on policies, instead of catchphrases and one-liners, because her campaign team think it is too risky. They want you to be bored. They want you to listen to their slogans, rather than confronting their ideas.

It's time to look at the true facts and figures behind the soundbites. Ask yourself: is stable leadership truly about promising you will not be calling a snap election one week, and then doing the exact opposite the next? Surely it would have been stronger not to have called an election at all? It is tactical politics. Do not be fooled.   

Jack Johnston
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