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After Jean Claude Junker and his team of negotiators have sat around the table with delegates and ambassadors from the 27 EU countries, they will have a deal for the UK. As of yet, this deal is unknown to anyone but a few European negotiators.

There will come a point where someone, somewhere, in Whitehall (probably) will decide either; yes, we like this deal, or no, we don’t like this deal. How democratic is that? Someone, somewhere, perhaps it will be Theresa May, will decide on the deal the UK gets. Why on earth should the decision be taken by Theresa May or cabinet? It should be us, the people. The decision that started from the declaration of the people must end with the people, and so with a second referendum.

I do not believe we should leave the EU, I think it will be catastrophic for us all, and our children and their children too. However, we as Liberal Democrats MUST accept the will of the British people from the referendum of June 23rd 2016. That said…

Many brand me and my party as undemocratic for wanting a second referendum, however what is more democratic than allowing the people to decide on what Brexit looks like. Simply put, if the deal is favourable (which is looking increasingly unlikely if even possible) we accept the terms and leave. I must highlight, however, I cannot foresee any divorce from the EU being favourable. However, in the event the deal is not a good one, and does not conform to what the British people want, they should get the choice to accept or decline. This is true democracy, and why any government would disregard the ever updating consent from the people is madness. That sounds ironic, but public opinion, for me, has changed regarding Brexit. Many people didn’t vote for a Hard Brexit. Many people, only now, fully acknowledge what a mistake voting to leave the EU was and how detrimental the effects will be in the forthcoming years.

The UK voted to leave the EU in last year's referendum

After we hold a general election, we don’t just give up and all go home, forget scrutiny and opposition and never vote again, do we? We changed our minds, we oversee situational circumstances. In this case, especially after a disastrous dinner with Jean Claude Junker last week, the situation looks dire before negotiations have even started. How much faith do you have in our government to get a better deal outside of the EU than we currently have inside?

This is why on the Liberal Democrats are fighting the Conservatives and Labour to oppose a Hard Brexit. As the Labour party will not be a credible opposition under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, it is our responsibility to stand up for the 48%.

By James Spencer-Boyce
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Instagram: @bromleylibdems
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