More Universities Vote on NUS Affiliation | NEWS

Update: The University of York and the University of Durham voted to remain with the NUS.

More universities vote on NUS affiliation as York has voting extended after the NUS overstate the amount the university profits from membership by nearly 300%.


Loughborough University has become the fourth university to disaffiliate from the NUS after the launch of an anti-NUS campaign which followed the NUS AGM earlier this year.  Although in the referendum a quorum was not met, the board of trustees upheld the decision of the majority of those who did vote who opted to disaffiliate from the NUS.

Political blog Guido Fawkes reported that the NUS will lose £3,000,000 from Loughborough leaving.

Eleven universities have held referendums on whether to stay or leave the NUS.  So far four universities (Lincoln, Newcastle, Hull and Loughborough) have voted to leave whereas seven have voted to remain (including Oxford, Cambridge, Exeter and Warwick).  The University of York and the University of Nottingham are currently holding referendums with results expected this week.

The disaffiliation of Loughborough will be a boost to the anti-NUS (or 'NUSceptic') campaign, after Oxford and Cambridge voted to remain affiliated.

Meanwhile, voting in York was extended by one day after an investigation by the student union found that the NUS had provided incorrect information overstating the financial benefits. The figures, which had been promoted by the 'Yes' (remain affiliated) campaign suggested that the University of York Student Union (YUSU) had made a £18,551 profit from affiliated from 2014 - 2015.  The accurate figure £6,452, meaning the NUS overstated profit YUSU by 288%.

The 'York Says: No2NUS' campaign 'modified' a 'yes to nus' promotional picture in light of recent relevations that the NUS had overstated profit York makes from the organisaiton.

Durham University is expected to hold a referendum on NUS affilliation soon, with other universities set to follow.

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